Help find us a homestead contest! We want your help in finding our new homestead.



Our family—my husband, Tim, our three children ranging in age from 23 to 5--and I have decided to pull our roots from the coast of South Carolina and establish a homestead in Tennessee or North Carolina!
We are so excited we can hardly stand it!

I have an unusual request from you, I would like YOU to help me and my family find land for our new homestead!
Yep- you read that correctly, we want You to help us find our new homestead land. Will you give us a hand?

As an incentive we’re offering some gift certificates for the people who find (what we think) are the top three locations.
You will be part of our adventure from conception to completion and everything in-between !

We are truly starting from scratch in an unknown area, with unknown obstacles and in an uncharted territory.
But one thing we do know is none of this could be possible without God’s direction and each other.

We are leaving everything and everyone we know behind to pursue our larger homesteading dream.
Our goal is to live off the land, minimize our environmental footprint, and, by doing so, encourage our children, our friends and you to participate in this adventure.

How You Can Help

If two eyes are better than one and four eyes are better than two, I'm certain all of your eyes, combined with the ten of ours, will see us settled and on our way to fulfill our dream.

We’d like to encourage your participation.

  • Do you have a knack for finding things?
  • Are you a Google Search expert?
  • Or, if you live in Tennessee or North Carolina, do you know about a property that’s for sale but hasn’t been formally listed?


Then we can surely use your help and expertise in our search for a new place to call home.

If you would like to help us after reading ALL of our 'requirements' and contest rules, please fill out the submission form at the bottom of this page, along with all of the contact information for the property and pictures of it (if available).

Once we have received all the submissions (see contest rules for dates) we will pick the top three prospective Homestead properties.

We will visit each one, video each property and share our journey and what we find with you.

Now for the good stuff: What's in it for you?

Outside of helping us find our new Homestead Property and being an important part of this adventure, we would like to offer thank you gifts to those who submitted the top three listings from all the eligible submissions.

Once we pick them (please check the required submission dates), we’ll award:

First Place

Thank you prize: $300.00 Home Improvement Gift Card to the contestant who submitted the Homestead Property we decide to purchase*.

Second  Place

Thank You Prize: a $100.00 Tractor Supply Gift Card to the contestant who submitted our second favorite Homestead Property.

Third Place

Thank You Prize: a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card to the contestant who submitted our third favorite site.

Fourth Place

Thank You Prize: Given to the person who submitted the fan favorite listing (will be voted on by the public). TBA

Once we’ve chosen the top three contenders, we’ll visit each place, video the property and include you in our journey by sharing all this information with you.

Want to get started in the Homestead Property Hunt?

Find Me a Homestead Property Contest Eligibility (who can enter):

  1. Anyone in the United States 18 or over*.
  2. Under no circumstance are we obligated to purchase suggested land or move from our current location.
    This contest is not a promise to purchase or a binding contract.
    If we do not purchase any of the suggested listings, contest will be canceled without notice.
  3. Special conditions must be met in order to accept any entry.
    These conditions are described in the ENTRY CHECKLIST below.
  4. The judges of the contest, the contest members, and the contest sponsors, nor their immediate family members, MAY NOT enter the contest.
  5. Before an entry is submitted, please read WINNERS' CONDITIONS below. Decide whether you can comply with those conditions.
  6. Fill out the entry form titled, “Find Me a Homestead.
  7. Submit the proposed property for sale with all contact information and/or an applicable link containing pertinent information, including pictures if available.
  8. All submissions must be property that is currently For Sale. Any property submissions that are on short sale, under foreclosure, under contract, or not currently for sale will be disqualified.
  9.  Only one submission per listing will qualify. The first submission received for any property will be the one that is entered in the contest. All multiple entries will be deleted.
  10. There is no cost or purchase required to enter this contest.
  11.  Comply with all points in the ENTRY CHECKLIST below.
  12. Submit your entry on time.
  13. Entries must be postmarked (dated) no later than August 1, 2017.


All communication, without exception, will be handled through the My Homestead Life facebook page or through this website:

Any attempt to contact me or members of my family, either directly or indirectly, will disqualify the entry and the submission will be eliminated from consideration.

*Real estate agents or other property management group or individuals are not eligible.

If you have questions that are not answered below, please submit them through the My Homestead Life Facebook page.

ENTRY CHECKLIST (Property Requirements)

We are looking for raw land so we can build our Homestead Dream. 

  1. Property must be in one of the following Tennessee Counties: Bount, Carter, Cocke,  Greene, Jefferson, East Portion of Knox,  Sevier, or Washington OR in the following North Carolina Counties: Madison, Bucombe, Haywood or Yance.
    May be open to other counties on the east side of Tennessee or on the West side of North Carolina depending on the location, price and land.
  2. Property must be a minimum of 20 acres.
  3. Zones: “Agriculture/Farming and Unrestricted” is specified. R1 zones may be an exception.
  4. We will not consider any property with a Homeowners’ Association or other private community.
  5. Must contain pasture, or the potential for a pasture, and wooded areas.
  6. Must have mountain views.
  7. Water source on the property, be it: well, stream, pond, spring, creek, lake, or waterfall.
  8. Must be one mile or further from a landfill or  CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation).
  9. The property may not have building or other restrictions.
  10. Road access.
  11. Level areas suitable for home sites.
  12. Internet Availability
  13. Total purchase price will of $100,000.00 or less
  14. Entries must be submitted online at
  15. Entrants must include: Name, Address, Email and Phone on submission forms (with our assurance that all information will be kept private)
  16. Please include contact number for land owner(s)
  17. We would like pictures of the land for sale if they are available
    1. All Winners thank you gifts will be sent via certified mail to an address (no post office boxes) within the Continental United States within 30 days of closing on the property.
    2. Any property that does not meet the above requirements and conditions on the checklist will be disqualified.


By entering the contest, each entrant agree, to the fullest extent permitted by SC, to hold harmless the Owner, Contest Sponsor, members of the Panel of Judges, Contest Clerk, and any other person involved with the contest, from any claim, demand, suit, liability, loss, damages, or injury arising out of or connected with the contest or the Winner's or Runner’s-Up acceptance of the thank you gifts.

All entries are suggestions only; they do not grant any access, permission, ownership, or investment to the contestant.

Bonus Wish List

Finally, here is our “Bonus Wish List.” If these aren’t present it will not be a deal breaker!

  • Barn, Existing Buildings/Structures
  • Close to school
  • 1 hour from a Veterans’ Hospital

Please join us in this adventure, We look forward to hearing from you!


Contest Entry Form