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We’re The Bradshaw Family

Welcome to My Homestead Life.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your Homesteading or Off-Grid Dream.

From Homesteading to Off-Grid living, you will find what you need to live an independent and self-sufficient life right here.

The best part? You don’t have to do it alone. We will be with you every step of the way.

We offer a plethora of DIY instructions and How-To articles. Not only do we share what’s worked for us, but what hasn’t and how to avoid the same mistakes we’ve made.

In addition to tips on how to save, we’ll show you how to make money while homesteading and living off-grid.

We welcome you to join our family and community and share the dream, we’re glad you’re here.

The Bradshaw Family,
Timmy Bradshaw, Amber Bradshaw, Gavin & Ashlynn Lowdermilk, Morgan Bradshaw, and Linden Bradshaw
You can read more about us on our About page.

follow My Homestead Life and their family on their off grid journey

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whether working on  being more self sufficient or want to live off the land, we can help you at My Homestead Life

Whether you are living in an apartment or own several acres, we have tips to get you started on the right path towards your goals!

Learning the ways of old to create the self-sufficient life you’ve always wanted.

View Our Episodes of Homestead Rescue & Building Off The Grid

Watch The Bradshaw Family- My Homestead Life Episode Smoky Mountain Hope on Homestead Rescue

Smoky Mountain Hope

Marty faces his most daunting challenge ever in the rescue of a Tennessee homestead. Down Misty and Matt, he calls on past homesteaders and friends Ken and Anita Corsini, a husband and wife HGTV home renovation team.

Building Off The Grid: Smoky Mountain Homestead

watch building off the grid the Smoky Mountain Homestead to see us build our off grid home in the mountains.

View our episode of Building Off The Grid and follow our journey from cutting the first tree on our new land to building our off grid homestead.

Available on Discovery Plus, Hulu, Apple, Roku, and Amazon Prime Video. Season 6 Episode 6 Building Off The Grid: Smoky Mountain Homestead.

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