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10 Home Renovation Tips to Keep Your Sanity

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Do you have what it takes to keep your family together during a Home Renovation? Ironically, we have owned our own contracting business for the last 20+ years.

However, our recent renovation and major construction project has been pushing us to the limit. Have some peace of mind with these 10 home renovation Tips to keep your sanity.

If you’ve ever participated in a home renovation, you know it can be chaotic. Additionally, construction projects have been known to break up families.

The stress on can sometimes be more than a relationship can take. 

Thankfully, we have some tips to help keep it all together.

10 Tips to keep your sanity during a home renovation- and possibly save your marriage.

10 Home Renovation Tips to Keep Your Sanity

With a little planning and preparation, we will help keep your family together and maintain what sanity you have during your home renovation.

#1 Have a Clean Room

During all the chaos, have one clean room you can escape to. Don’t allow any boxes, construction debris or extra items in this room. Any time you are feeling stressed, take ten and just clear your mind.

#2 Tip to Keep Your Sanity- Entertain the Kids

Renovations and construction are stressful on everyone in the home, especially the children. They are always in the way, their toys make an additional mess and they normally have the worst timing for needing you.

Try to be mindful of how hard it is for them too, chances are they do not understand why you are renovating.

  • Have some toys put away that would be ‘new to them’ that they can play with during the renovation.
  • Designate a safe place that is free from construction debris inside and outside where they can play.
  • Have books and or videos that the children can watch
  • Arrange Play Dates to get them out of the house
  • Discuss the construction dangers to keep them safe
  • Make sure you schedule play time with them. You will always have a lot to do, but remember, time passes by too quickly. Stop and enjoy your children while you can.

#3 Meal Prep Before Home Renovation

This is one piece of advice I wish I would have given myself before hand. If you know you are going to start renovation or construction, meal prep ahead of time. Prepare easy to heat and eat meals. Make healthy snacks and have cut veggies and fruit available.

We were without a fully functional kitchen for weeks, since I didn’t have meals prepared, we made very unhealthy food choices. Eating out not only hurt our budget but I woke up feeling horrible every day. So plan ahead and prepare meals for your family before renovation begins.

Another food related tip is to make sure you eat. Your body can’t run on an empty fuel tank.

#4 Keep Organized During Your Home Renovation

Does the picture below look organized to you? This is my chaos. My husband gave me one day to clear out five rooms in our home before he began major construction- AND I was working. The end result of poor planning is pictured below, my chaos and extreme stress.

If you have the time, get many (more than you think you will need) clear plastic boxes so you can see what’s in them. Pack everything away neat and label the contents on the outside of each box.

10 Tips to keep your sanity during a home renovation or construction- and possibly save your marriage.

#5 Exercise

Don’t laugh at this home renovation tip, but proper exercise is very important. I know, I know- you’re going to say you get plenty of exercise doing construction, but it’s not the same. Exercise reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.  

Exercise also releases feel good endorphin’s that help brighten your mood. So when you are feeling a little down, stressed or find yourself sniping at those around you, go out for a walk or do some yoga.

#6 Leave Your Home During A Renovation

Yes, leave. Leave your home and the mess during the renovation.

I asked a friend (who has done construction his whole life) about his tips for keeping sane, this is what he had to say.

Seen many a family fall apart as a result of living in a house under renovation. Had a pastor and his family separate after the house was done. They tried living in the only room we didn’t touch. Didn’t work out well. A lawyer, his wife and two young sons moved into the unfinished basement of the old home we tore the roof off, added a second floor and basically blew their house up. They survived the remodel, but the stress endured. Their marriage did not. Best to move out. Know you won’t, but you asked.

After living through renovation and construction, I agree with his advice. If you can afford to relocate during renovation, I strongly suggest it.

#7  Communication

If you want to see your kids go crazy quick, turn off the internet without informing them first. Or better yet, turn the water off when your wife is doing laundry.

Make a public service announcement loud and clear to all members of the house before you do something that affects them.

Communication is the key to all happiness when doing a renovation.

#8 Don’t Stress The Pets During Renovations

Home renovation is stressful on the two legged members of the family, but also the four legged members. 

So maybe getting two puppies is not the smartest idea in the world right before you completely renovate over half of your house.

I never said I was the brightest crayon in the pack. Fortunately for you, you can learn from my mistakes life lessons.

Home Renovation Tips For Pets

  • Make sure they are kept safe from the construction debris.
  • Give them new (or new to them) toys to play with
  • Set aside play time
  • Place some drops of lavender essential oil on their bedding to keep them calm.

#9 Make Mock Rooms During Your Home Renovation

If you are renovating a kitchen, set up a temporary, functional kitchen somewhere else in your house or on your property.

If you are renovating your bathroom, make a porta-potty and an area your can bathe or freshen up.

Same goes if you are renovating a bedroom, make a temporary bedroom somewhere else with all the comforts of home.

#10 Tip to Keep Your Sanity- Check the Weather

This last home renovation tip might seem like common sense to most, but when you are in the middle of a big project, it’s easy to forget.

The bottom picture is an example of what half of my house looked like at one moment. Shortly after this picture was taken, it began to rain. What you don’t see in this picture was all of the items in my house that were not in boxes and protected from the rain.

Once again, learn from my mistakes life lessons and watch the weather during your renovation.

Other Tips For Home Renovations

Although you may not be moving off grid, some of our methods may come in handy during a home renovation. For instance, maybe you’re remodeling your bathroom, you can use our tip on how we shower without electricity

Here are some other fun suggestions from my readers about keeping sane during renovation

  • We did major remodels on our last two houses…gutted the entire kitchen, replaced subfloors, tiled floors, replaced all bathroom fixtures…including a built in shower/ tub unit. We tried to stay sane through it all….but we were never able to accomplish it. Both went crazy and have been that way ever since. Lol ~Michele P
  • I can’t remember feeling sane since we moved into this house… When it wasn’t finished yet… Still isn’t… We’ve got boxes and piles everywhere… Some day it will all be done! I hope. ~Sandrine C

If you are a little creative (and patient), you can reduce the stress and keep your sanity during a Renovation.

10 Tips to Keep Your Sanity During a Home Renovation and Construction- and possibly save your marriage

Do you have any home renovation tips to share?

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Wednesday 18th of August 2021

Very Informative! Thanks a lot for sharing useful information with us. These tips going to be very helpful. Keep doing great.

Harvey Lee

Monday 16th of August 2021

Thanks a lot for sharing home renovation tips. These tips are best to make your home renovation successful.

David Coutee

Friday 22nd of January 2021

Thanks for providing this information.What a stunning remodeling! Wow, that wasn’t really intentional, but you are so right and talented with this post! More great pics and tips that I can learn a lot from those! It’s really a lighter and more welcoming space for the kitchen. The real difference is the decor, countertop, and flooring. Thanks for all here. Gave me a few things to think about before planing ours. Keep doing this inspirational work and share it with us.

Bryan Carey

Tuesday 10th of October 2017

Yes, we went through this last year, when we were prepping our house to get it ready for sale. It was nerve- wracking, with all the noise, debris, restricted access to rooms, frustration for the kids, and everything else. I think just simply leaving whenever possible is the best solution!

Amber Bradshaw

Tuesday 10th of October 2017

We are finally seeing some light at the end of a V-E-R-Y long renovation process. We hope to list our house for sale at the end of next month, any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Tuesday 10th of October 2017

Great tips. I hate renovation, so I would like to practice the tip of "Leave." Love the idea of one clean, organized room. That would help me keep my sanity!