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10 Last Minute Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

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This list of 10 last minute gift ideas is great for both sides; as a host you can present your guests with a gift and as a guest, you wont show up empty handed.

The ideas can be used year round, but the best part about this list? The gift won’t go unused- if nobody shows up unexpectedly or if you don’t receive a last minute invitation, use it yourself!

10 Last Minute Gifts That Won't Break The Bank

#1- Everyone Loves Candles

Everyone loves and uses candles. During the holidays, pull some candles out of your emergency stock and wrap pretty ribbons around them along with a blank gift tag.

When the guest arrives unexpectedly, fill out the tag discretely and surprise them with a gift.

Another candle tip is to buy a cheap bag of cinnamon sticks and wrap them around the candle with a pretty ribbon, makes the perfect gift.

#2- Potpourri Is Easy To Make

Whether it’s sitting by a crackling fire, decorating fresh-baked cookies or the smell of pine as you decorate the Christmas Tree, these scents of Christmas take you back to fond memories of the past.

Make some Potpourri and place a scoop in a brown paper bag or a clear gift bag along with the instructions and a pretty bow.

When you are making your holiday treats, instead of placing them in a big container, place them on several different smaller plates and wrap the plates along with a ribbon.

If an unexpected guest comes over or if you accidentally forgot someone, send them home with a plate of fresh-baked goodies from the heart.

This is my favorite holiday cookie platter.

#4- Grocery Store Gift Card

This gift is the perfect gift for everyone because we all need to eat. Keep an eye out at the different stores throughout the year, many places offer free gift cards with a purchase of a gift card.

It’s like getting free money! If you don’t give it away, use it- it’s a win-win

Last Minute Gift #5- Gas Card

A gas card is also a perfect gift for everyone (except for those who don’t drive). 

Keep an eye out at the different stores throughout the year, many places offer free gift cards with a purchase of a gift card. It’s like getting free money! 

If you don’t give it away, use it- it’s a win-win

#6- Gifts from The Homestead

  • If you have chickens, box up some eggs with a bow.
  • Bees? Everyone LOVES honey! Make some Honey Sticks- perfect for stocking stuffers. Check out how to make honey straws. 
  • Goats? How about some cheese or milk?
  • Fresh herbs for a Bouquet Garni or a produce basket from your harvest would make great gifts.

#7- Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

Buy a couple of coffee mugs from the dollar store and place some homemade hot cocoa mix in a bag with some marshmallows and place in the mug.

Tie a pretty bow and add a candy cane for the perfect gift.

#8- Food in a Jar

Food in a jar is a great gift any time of the year, from pancake mixes to chicken soup.

Taste of Home offers 35 Gifts in a Jar ideas.

Many recipes you can make with ingredients you may already have.

#9- Jam or Jelly

Already have a pantry full of jelly and jams? Wrap some raffia, ribbon or bows around the lid and set out as gifts for guests.

Haven’t made any spread this year? You (I mean your guests) will LOVE our homemade Mulberry Jam!

#10- Fresh Baked Bread or Biscuits

Imagine the smell of fresh-baked bread permeating the air as guests enter your home. Then to their surprise? Your guests get to take home a loaf of bread or a plate of biscuits with them when they leave!

Buy the frozen raw bread loaves at the grocery store, follow the instructions and place in the oven to bake 20 minutes before guests arrive, total time involved should be less than 10 mins.

The smell of fresh-baked bread can not be beat.

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