Save Electricity & Money by Line-Drying Your Clothes

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Save Electricity & Money by Line-Drying Your Clothes. Cut up to $60.00 per month off your electric bill!

Save Electricity & Money by Line-Drying Your Clothes

Do you think line-drying your clothes is a thing of the past? With climbing electric bills and massive energy consumption, many people are turning back to the old ways in order to save electricity & money. Going old-school and line-drying our clothes saves our family of five $30.00 – $65.00 per month! Just think of what you could do with an extra $350.00 – $800.00 per year. That is a lot of cha-ching just for hanging your clothes on the line to dry and saving the environment.

How to Save Electricity & Money

Dryers run on 220 volts, making them one of the biggest energy suckers in your home right along with; ovens, hot water heaters and heating & a/c units. When you opt to line-dry your clothes you: reduce your carbon footprint & kilowatt usage- thus saving you money on your electric bill.

How much you can save each month by going green will depend on a couple of variables

1) How much laundry dry per week? For my family of five it’s an average of (2) loads per day

2) How new your dryer is and how long your dryer runs per load

3) How much your power company charges per kilowatt- Our power company charges $0.11 per kilowatt during peak season and $0.09 in off-season

To find out how much it cost to run your dryer (and other appliances in your home) you first have to know how much your power company charges you per kilowatt. To find your kilowatt cost
1- look on your current electric bill
2- call your electric company and ask, or
3- web search “how much does —– electric company charge per kilowatt”

After you have found  the amount you pay per kilowatt go to this website to enter your  calculations to get the total it cost you to run your dryer per month.

Now that you see the savings, it’s time you forego the energy-sucking clothes dryer and get back to the ways our ancestors used to do things- clean and green.


Save Electricity & Money by Line-Drying Your Clothes. Cut up to $60.00 per month off your electric bill!

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