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35 of The BEST Goat Cheese Appetizer Recipes

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From sweet to savory, we have the most flavorful and visually stunning goat cheese appetizer recipes around.

With over 35 recipes to choose from, your next gathering completely covered in the appetizer department.

What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like?

Over 35 goat cheese recipes to choose from for your next party.

Like most cheese, the longer you age the cheese the more intense the flavor.

Some claim it tastes tangy while others say it tastes mild with sweet notes.

In addition to age having an effect on the flavor, where the milk came from has some influence as well.

Different breeds of goats have varying degrees of fat content in their milk. What they forage on, and even the process of milking all play a role in the taste of the end product.

Take Nigerian Dwarf Goats for instance, they have some of the highest fat content of all the dairy goats and their milk has a slightly sweet taste.

It’s one of the reasons why we love raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats, their milk is superb.

If you are hesitant to try goat cheese, I would suggest sampling it in one of our goat cheese appetizer recipes. Small, delicious bites of cheese blended with other sweet and savory ingredients.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What Does Goat Cheese Go Well With?

Goat cheese goes well with everything from Pizza to Desserts. It’s a good replacement in recipes that call for blue cheese too!

Add it to your favorite pasta dish, or roll it in cranberries and herbs for a quick and easy appetizer.

We love topping our salads with feta cheese made with goat milk.

The surprising part about goat cheese is how well it compliments sweet dishes. I never would have paired goat cheese with dessert recipes, but it works!

Without sounding redundant, it truly is a versatile cheese.

Cheese Boards

Charcuterie Boards are all the latest craze. From wedding receptions to family gatherings, charcuterie and cheese boards are at the center of every table.

I can’t talk about cheese boards and appetizers without sharing where you can buy the best boards around.

Our good friend and fellow homesteader, Derek Smiley, custom makes cheese boards and charcuterie boards that are truly a work of art.

Handmade charcuterie boards and cheese boards for your goat cheese appetizer recipes. Over 35 recipes to chose from and how to order custom boards.
Derek Smiley Woodworks

Derek makes his boards out of wood such as Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Black Limba, and Padauk.

What better way to present your goat cheese appetizers and cheese spreads than on a custom made board with this kind of beauty.

You can find beautiful boards like this and many more on his Etsy store, Derek Smiley Woodworks.

Is Goat Cheese Good for Charcuterie Board Appetizers?

Not only is goat cheese good for charcuterie board appetizers, goat cheese logs are a perfect addition that takes little to no effort at all.

Adding a smear of goat cheese on a sesame cracker or baguette and topping with a dollop of fig or pepper jam, YUMM!

What Goes Well With Goat Cheese On A Cheese Board?

In addition to all of these mind-blowing goat cheese appetizer recipes below, we have some quick and easy ideas for ingredients to add to your charcuterie cheese board.

  • Nuts: almonds, pistachios, smoked peanuts.
  • Meats: dry salami, prosciutto, pepperoni.
  • Crackers: Everything crackers, sesame, pita chips.
  • Olives: green, black, garlic olives, Kalamata, stuffed.
  • Dips and Spreads: pepper jelly, fig jam, goat cheese hummus (see goat cheese appetizers below), honey walnut butter.
  • Add-Ins: roasted garlic, grapes, cranberries, kumquat, pomegranate seeds.
  • Garnish: fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, mint, sage.

35 Goat Cheese Appetizer Recipes

35 of the BEST Goat Cheese Appetizer Recipes. Make one of our recipes for your next party or gathering.

Both visually pleasing and delicious to eat, you will have your guests requesting you to make these time and time again.

More Goat Cheese Recipes

If you’re in love with all that you’ve seen so far, we have more, lots more!

Over 50 Tasty Recipes with Goat Cheese.

With more appetizer ideas, 19 Salad With Goat Cheese Recipes, Goat Cheese on Pizza Recipes, and even Desserts with Goat Cheese!

Pin these articles and save the recipes for later, you’ll be glad you did next time you need to make a dish to share.

35 amazing goat cheese appetizer recipes for your next party.

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