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5 Ways You Can Homestead Without Land Or Livestock

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5 Ways to Homestead Without Land or Livestock


People seem to think in order to homestead you must own land or livestock, that is not true.
You can be a Homesteader with a balcony or 100 acres if you have a Homesteaders heart.

Here are 5 ways to Homestead without land or livestock and follow your dream.

5 Ways You Can Homestead Without Livestock Or Land

I have been (what people call) an Urban Homesteader, for over a decade.
Although I grew up with chickens, goats, birds and canning, I have lived in a coastal tourist town for more than 20 years on a small lot.

The desire to live off the land did not stray from my heart for long, so I was desperately trying to create a homestead right where I was.

From milking dwarf goats to harvesting honey from our bees, we managed to accomplish our homesteading dream.
It wasn’t long before the county changed it’s laws and removed our rights to provide for our family.

I found myself thinking I was no longer a homesteader because I lost my livestock in my fight against the county.

I soon realized, my livestock did not define me as a homesteader, neither did my garden- it was my heart.

Defending My Right To Homestead

Not only did I fight the County and Government for my right to Homestead, I found myself defending that same right to my friends and fellow homesteaders.
They are all under the assumption acres = homesteader, or animals = homesteader.
I have known people to have both and neither be a homesteader.
I no longer defend my right to those I know, I just look at them, smile and give a simple “bless your heart“.

#1 Way to Homestead Without Land or Livestock- Be a Steward of The Land

Homesteaders respect the earth and the land, from the dirt to the animals that roam on it.
They realize we can get all we need from the land and  do their best to take care of it and respect it.

How to be a good steward? Start with the 5 R’s (yes 5- not 3).

  • Refuse– Refuse to buy something that has a one time use
  • Repurpose– Whatever you do buy, try to find another purpose for it once you are done.
  • Reduce- Think twice before buying. Buy reusable gift bags once instead of wrapping paper.
  • Reuse- Buy used items that look new. Give your unwanted items to someone that would appreciate them or have a yard sale.
  • Recycle- As a last resort, recycle. This should be the last step you take with products you buy. Don’t purchase a convenience product with the mindset “I can recycle it later” .
    Remember there is no “away” , when people throw “away” it is just being relocated.
    So do your best at reducing the amount of items you need to relocate.

#2 Way to Homestead Without Land or Livestock- Cook From Scratch

I remember back in the day when Home Economics was taught in school, meals involved the whole family and were ate at the dinner table.
Now meal time consist of a drive-through and comes out of a box.
Our children have become disconnected with their food source, hardly recognize real food and have no idea how to follow a recipe.
Take back your meal time (and your health), one recipe at a time and start cooking from scratch.

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#3 Way to Homestead Without Land or Livestock- Make it Yourself & Learn a Skill

If you are living on a budget, learning to do things yourself is a vital part of financial survival.
Being able to do something yourself without calling a specialist or going to the store is not only empowering but it could also save you thousands. Once you perfect your skill or trade, you can turn it into a money-making opportunity to help support your family.

Beginners Woodworking- 5 Skills You Need to Know  by Make Use of

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#4 way to Homestead Without Land or Livestock- Share with Others

If you could do good things for other people, you had a moral obligation to do those things! That’s what’s at stake here. Not choice. Responsibility.
~Ben Parker

With great knowledge comes great responsibility.
It is our responsibility to share the knowledge we have with others, pass it down to our youth so they can live an independent (not co-dependent) life.
Homesteaders look out for their neighbor and fellow man.
They still have a cup of sugar to borrow, you can call them in the middle of the night when your goat is getting ready to kid, they will pray for you when you ask, and they will show you how to make that amazing casserole they made (without leaving out the secret ingredient!).

So start a 4-H club, teach workshops on how to make bread, and share your sourdough starter.
There is always room at the top for everyone so take as many as you can with you.

#5 Way to Homestead Without Land or Livestock- Have a Homesteaders Heart

Tracy, from Our Simple Homestead created The Homesteaders Heart Creed and I wanted to share it with you

There is a common creed that all homesteaders live by no matter where they live or what profession they work.
The creed that many use to define a homesteader’s heart.

The Homesteaders Heart Creed

  1. Honor old-fashion skills.
  2. Live a self-sufficient lifestyle.
  3. Resist consumerism.
  4. Be good stewards of the land.
  5. Reuse, recycle and make do.
  6. Shop local.
  7. Share with others.
  8. Pass on homesteading skills.

Although there are not any established set of rules for homesteading.
The one thing we all can count on is homesteaders across the country care about living an authentic homesteading lifestyle, not complicated by today’s fast-paced, technology laden lifestyle.

What is something Homestead’y You Do Without Land or Livestock?

5 Ways to Homestead Without Land or Livestock




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Sunday 29th of August 2021

It's a lifestyle and mindset. 5 years have passed since we had to sell our off grid farm. I miss it so much. We now have a small lot in a tiny rural village. I put in an orchard, garden and wildlife habitats. My husband taps the maple trees in the front yard for syrup. I can, bake and cook from scratch, make butter and yogurt and keep very busy. I volunteer at our local animal shelter, phone buddy for stay at home elderly, donate animal food to my church for the food pantry. My very ill 75 year old husband spent all summer building me a very nice garden shed. ( he wanted the garage to himself). help out with a few older neighbors. I'm turning 70...oh yes mom to a rescue Chihuahua and foster mom to a senior disabled cat.

Amber Bradshaw

Sunday 29th of August 2021

God bless you! Thank you so much for serving your community and you have a very sweet husband.


Tuesday 15th of October 2019

I love your article. I started homesteading when we still lived in town...I just didn't have a name for it. Now that we have our own small homestead, we just keep right on going! But showing folks it's not how much land you have but how you want to live is awesome.