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Over 50+Tasty Recipes For Goat Cheese

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Enjoy over 50 of the most tantalizing recipes for goat cheese that you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. We have a recipe for the entire menu, from appetizers to desserts!

When I say we have something for every palate, I mean we have a recipe for every palate.

From fresh summer fruit, to savory and hearty root vegetables, you won’t walk away form these recipes disappointed. I give my word.

over 50 recipes for goat cheese from appetizers to desserts

What Can You Do With Goat Cheese?

It would be easier to answer, what can’t you do with goat cheese?

Allow us to demonstrate that goat cheese can be very versatile, from adding it to your favorite pizza ingredients, to combining it with herbs and honey.

From creamy and smooth texture to hard and crumbly, goat milk can be made into all of the textures you know and love from cows milk.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying goat cheese, or have and want to know how to cook with it, we have over 50 recipes for you to make!

Can You Freeze Goats Cheese?

Yes, you can absolutely freeze goat cheese. In fact, goat cheese freezes better than other cheeses.

Freezing goat cheese doesn’t affect the flavor and has little to no change to the texture. Especially to verities such as feta, soft goat cheese spread, and Havarti.

How Long Does Goat Cheese Last?

Stored properly in the freezer, goat cheese can last for several months. Longer if vacuum sealed.

However, fresh goat cheese can last 2-3 weeks if stored properly in the refrigerator, by storing it in a sealed container in the fridge.

For best enjoyment, bring cheese to room temperature before serving.

How to Make Goat Cheese

Goat milk, and goat cheese, is more widely consumed in other countries over cow’s milk and cheese. It’s no wonder we have so many amazing recipes to make with it!

The global dairy goat industry is expanding rapidly. In addition to wholesome and nutritious milk-based products, dairy goats provide sustainable livelihoods, especially in limited resource areas, and enable smallholders to accumulate assets. Well-managed goats can also benefit the environment through weed control, fire prevention, the maintenance of biodiversity, and mitigation of some effects of climate change.

National Library of Medicine

One of the best things I ever did many, many years ago, was to take a cheese making class hosted by my dear friend Casey.

Casey runs a grade A raw goat dairy in South Carolina and teaches cheese-making classes. Where you learn how to make, and sample, three cheeses in three hours.

It was the most enjoyable, and most delicious time. Not to mention it started us on our journey to owning and raising our own dairy goats, Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Obviously, you don’t have to own goats to make these recipes, but if you would like to become a goat owner, we can help you decide the best goat breed for your homestead.

Every good recipe starts with good ingredients, and you can’t get any better than homemade cheese.

Our friends shared their step-by-step process with you on how to make cheese from scratch.

I highly suggest taking a cheese making class if you can find one nearby, they are so much fun!

50+ Recipes For Goat Cheese

Enjoy over 50 of the most tantalizing recipes for goat cheese that you've ever had the pleasure of eating. We have a recipe for the entire menu, from appetizers to desserts.

Appetizers With Goat Cheese

A perfect beginning to any course, Goat Cheese Appetizers.

This list just wets your whistle, we have 35 MORE Goat Cheese Appetizer Recipes for you!

Salads With Goat Cheese

Salads can be a stand alone meal or a beginning dish to compliment the main dish. From fresh summer fruit, to winter root vegetables, we have a salad recipe for every season.

If you're a salad lover and just can't get enough, we have 19 MORE salad with goat cheese recipes for you to enjoy!

Side Dishes With Goat Cheese

The perfect accompaniment for any main dish is the perfect side dish, and we have the perfect side dish for you.

Main Dish Recipes With Goat Cheese

For the star of the show, the main course. Our main course dishes are sure to become a part of your regular meal plan.

From hearty and filling to light and savory, something for every discerning palate.

Desserts With Goat Cheese

Lastly the piece de la resistance- the dessert! Now wait a minute, cheese and dessert do NOT go together. Au contraire my recipe enthusiast, it does indeed, and these amazing dessert recipes will prove it!

From lavender and honey to pears with nuts, our desserts will leave you begging for more!

But- Wait- There's More! Sandwiches With Goat Cheese

As you will notice, most recipes using goat cheese as an ingredient, leave a lot of cheese leftover.

My solution for this ‘leftover cheese’ (is there such a thing as leftover cheese?) is to make one of our sandwich recipes for the day after.

Connecting With Your Food

Lastly, after seeing a small sample of all the wonderful things you can make, I wanted to extend this invitation to connect to your food.

If you want to know more about gardening, growing your own ingredients, or maybe even raising your own dairy goats, we would love to hear from you.

from appetizers to dessert, we have over 50 goat cheese recipes plus recipes on how to make goat cheese

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