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This blog was launched in 2014 as a place to meet and inspire like-minded community members who wanted to get connected with their roots and live off the land.

Our desire is to help others who want to live a simple life, reduce their environmental impact and live off the land.
We achieve this by offering instructional videos, hands-on workshops, easy to follow articles and community support.

We started our Homesteading Journey in an Urban area by the Atlantic Ocean living on just over 1/4 an acre almost 20 years ago.
Living off the land as much as we could squeeze in to our little slice of ocean heaven that we lovingly referred to as The Coastal Homestead.

Using every growing method we could get our hands on, from hanging baskets to hydroponics.
Backyard beekeeping to milking dwarf goats and everything in-between.

It was time for the next chapter in our lives, so with our family of five we left the HOA's, county restrictions, our home and business (of 20 years) in search for Homestead Happiness.

We are truly starting from scratch in an unknown area, with unknown obstacles, in an uncharted territory, facing unknown challenges. But one thing we do know is none of this could be possible without Gods direction and each other.

Leaving everything and everyone we know behind us to pursue the Homesteading Dream to Live Off The Land, and invite you to join us on our journey from conception to completion.

From Homesteading to Off-Grid living, you will find what you need to live an independent and self-sufficient life right here.

So join our community and share the dream, we're glad you're here.

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"Thank you for coming to the South Strand Garden club- it was the finest program we have listened to and participated in"

— Louisa W
President and Master Gardener .

"I loved the class ,it was very informative , professionally orchestrated,as well as warm and friendly. The class was like a large group of friends getting together. I very much look forward to more classes such as this one."

— Michelle C

"Great useful information that I can use for a lifetime"

— Linda T-
Entrepreneur .