Amber Bradshaw

Amber Bradshaw

Author and Public Speaker

Amber loves foraging for her food, gardening, and cooking outdoors. She teaches others how to become self-sufficient by making things from scratch that are eco-friendly. When she's not in her gardens you can find her working online.

A former 4-H Leader, Author, Public Speaker, Owner and Operator of an online Farmer's Market, Herb Society President and Lifetime Member, and Extended Learning Instructor at a local college, Amber loves living as close to nature as possible.

Turning back the clocks to an earlier time before technology took over, Amber strives to live a simpler lifestyle.

Re-learning forgotten skills such as cooking on a wood stove, washing clothes by hand and making all the products by scratch that her family needs. From milking their dairy goats to smoking their own meats, self-sufficiency and sustainability are at the center of their homestead.

Amber is happy to share her knowledge with others through public speaking events, private instruction or online.

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