Timmy Bradshaw

Timmy Bradshaw

Mountain Man

Husband, father, and jack of all trades. Timmy is the leader of this pack and following his faith to a better life in the mountains for his family of five.

A former tugboat captain with twenty + years of construction experience, Timmy is now working full time on the homestead. Raising livestock and building their off-grid paradise in the Smoky Mountains.

Starting over in his mid-fifties was not in his plans. He thought he would retire at his home of 23 years by the beach with a surfboard in one hand. But he felt led by the Lord to leave the ocean and live off the land in the mountains with his family. Leaving the rushed, plugged-in and consumer life behind and getting back to nature.

So he packed up his wife and kids, sold their house and moved to the Smoky Mountains to begin their Off-Grid and Homestead Dream.

Now his days are filled will feeding livestock, milling wood and riding his tractor over their forty-six acres. Designing and building every inch of their Off-Grid Mountain Homestead by hand and sharing his knowledge and faith with anyone who would like to learn.



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