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Are You Ready To Move Off Grid???? Answer These 10 Questions To Find Out

Take our quiz and see if you're ready to move off grid

Do you want to pull the plug on the commercial life, quit the 9-5 cubical, and turn away from consumerism? What’s standing between you and your dream? Not that you need another reason, but these are our Top 5 Reasons For Moving Off The Grid.  

Are you ready to move off the grid? Get ready to find out!

#1- Do you have Money or a Large Savings?


Then you have met the very first requirement for moving off the grid. Off-grid living is expensive…very expensive, but only at first.

There are several factors that come into play in order to get established, but if you have savings and money in the bank then there’s no better time than the present to get started.


Stop right here. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but this life is very hard if you don’t have savings.

Your chance of success is very slim if you don’t have the finances to support you while getting established.

#2- Are you in Debt?


Perfect! Your entire focus will be on building your off-grid homestead for at least the first three years, and the last thing you need is debt hanging over your head.


If you have debt, consider getting it paid off before you move off-grid. It’s also important to not accrue any debt while living off-grid.

If you have debt, are you still going to work at your current job, or are you planning on living off the land once you build your homestead?

Everything off-grid is expensive at first. So many unexpected expenses come up that will also drain on your finances.

It takes years to establish a flowing revenue from your land, so counting the eggs before your chickens are hatched is unrealistic.

#3- Do you have Family or Others that are Moving Off-Grid with You?


GREAT! You will need the help of others. This life is too hard to go it alone, just make sure everyone is as prepared as you are, and have realistic expectations.


Just the sheer level of difficulty requires more than one person.

If you strongly desire this lifestyle and don’t have anyone to live with you try looking for off-grid communities to join.

You can also volunteer with WWOOF Organic Farms, many of which are Off-Grid.

Consider WWOOF-USA®. WWOOF is part of a worldwide effort to link visitors with organic farmers, promote an educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming practices.

#4- Are you Physically Fit


Living off the grid is not necessarily for the feeble–from hauling water buckets to chopping wood to trekking through mud, all of which is difficult for a healthy and fit person.

If you are out of shape or have a physical disability it can be darn right impossible.

This is where you can lean on the others that will join you, or can consider working on your fitness level before your move off the grid.


Kudos brother, keep up the great work. You’ll need those muscles and energy.

#5- Can you Live without Modern Conveniences?


You would think I would say STOP, this life isn’t for you; however, modern technology has made huge advancements in Off-grid living.

You can pretty much buy anything for off-grid living that one would have tied to the grid, BUT- those modern conveniences will cost you.

Deep pockets are required if you want to replace everything you are accustomed to in order to move off-grid.

If your pockets aren’t deep, then you will need to learn to live without.

I’m talking about things such as A/C, central heat, blow dryers, clothes dryers, irons, an electric skillet, electric ovens, microwaves, and more.

Want some tips for things to work on before you make the move? Check out 12 Things You Must Do Before Moving Off The Grid


Good, you don’t need those things anyway. Remember, one of the goals for moving off-grid is to get back to a simpler way of living and to connect with nature.

#6- Do you know how to Hunt, Trap, Forage, or Garden?


Wonderful, you should have no problem in providing food for your family. Make sure to pass your skills on to others so that they too will know how to be self-sufficient.


Food and water are essential for life. Grocery stores are often far away.

The weather can keep you trapped for days, so being able to provide food can make the difference between making it or breaking it.

If you would like to learn more about gardening, find more information in Gardening For Beginners, Everything You Need To Know.

#7- Are you another Bob the Builder?


Carpentry skills are 100% necessary for you to have for moving off-grid, but someone in your group needs to know how to work with carpentry tools.

If your thought process is to hire someone to do all the work, good luck.

Skilled carpenters that are available for hire are few and far between. Trust me, we owned a contracting business for twenty years.


Perfect, now use this time to familiarize yourself with manual hand tools rather than electric.

Also, consider investing in a good generator for the electric tools you will need.

#8- Do you Want to Stay Connected to WIFI?


Power to you. I wish I could unplug from wifi, but my daughter needs it for school and I need it for work. Plus, it keeps us in contact with all of our friends and family.


If you want to stay connected to wifi, or need to, then contact the local providers that service the area where you want to move.

This is something we didn’t consider before buying our land. I mean, who doesn’t have wifi these days, right?

The answer? Lots of places. Especially in rural areas.

#9- Do you have Plans for Water, Electric and Sewer?


Great. After you have a plan in place, make sure you do an energy audit for your electrical needs. Buy a system that will provide you with enough energy to meet beyond those needs.

Do the same thing with your water; calculate how much water you and your family consume in a month, in order to confirm that your off-grid system will provide you with enough water.


Research on these topics can be daunting and make your head spin. I have articles to help guide you in the right direction.

Believe it or not, more and more places are making rulings on off-grid living.

Either through making it illegal altogether, or adding a list of rules for you to abide by.

Check your local state, county, and city laws before you buy land for living off the grid.


Congratulations, you can still live free and off-grid. Start packing!


Time to cut your losses with either the off-grid dream or your location.

How Did You Score?

Talley up your points to see if you’re ready to move off-the-grid and join the thousands that are taking their freedom back!


Yes- 2 pts

No- 0 pts


Yes- 0 pts

No- 2pt


Yes- 2pts

No- 0 pts


Yes- 2 pts

No- 0 pts


Yes- 2 pts

No- 0 pts


Yes- 2 pts

No- 0 pts


No- 0 pts

Yes- 2 pts


No- 2 pts

Yes- 0pts


Yes- 2 pts

No- 0 pts


Yes- 2 pt

No- deduct 20 points

Total Up Your Score

-20 Points

Time to cut your losses with either the off-grid dream or your location.

0-10 Points

Maybe you should stick to watching Off-Grid TV Shows, get a second job to help save money, and take a class or two to learn some new skills.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream, but you do have some things to work on. I say this because I want you to succeed.

Too many people quit modern society to follow this dream, only to fail because of lack of knowledge and proper preparation.

If you are just starting out, consider working on your homesteading skills right where you’re at. Here are some articles to get you started.

12-20 Points

Sounds like you are on the right path to the freedom that off-grid living has to offer. I look forward to following your journey.