Baby Chicks for Sale East Tennessee


We have a mixed flock of

Black Australorp
Rhode Island Reds (Heritage Breed)
Leghorn (Landrace Breed)
Red Rangers
Easter Eggers
Welsummer (Heritage breed)

All of our breeds are considered egg-layers while some are considered dual-purpose; meaning they are raised for both eggs and meat.

We do not sex our baby chicks so we can not guarantee cockerels or pullets. We do not offer returns for roosters or breed specifics.

We are a seasonal breeding farm. If fertile eggs are not available for hatching, we can add you to a waiting list.

Price: $4.00 per chick

Chicken Terms

Pullet: Female Chicken
Cockerel: Male Chicken
Hen: Adult Female Chicken
Rooster: Adult Male Chicken
Straight Run: Male and Female Chickens
Sexed: Determined sex of the chick