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Benefits of Thyme: How To Grow, Cook & Use

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Thyme is one of those herbs that most people enjoy the taste. However, few people know how to use it. I am here to help take the mystery out of this herb and share the benefits of thyme.

In addition to cooking with thyme, it is one of my main ingredients in my anti-bacterial cleaner.

I bet you never thought of adding thyme to your house cleaner?

Honestly, thyme has wonderful medicinal properties that make it great for killing bacteria as well as many other benefits.

Benefits of Thyme, how to grow, cook and use

Benefits of Growing Thyme

Thyme is a beautiful addition to any garden. Perfect for borders or even draping over window boxes. There are so man varieties to choose from.

Like variegated, lemon and even a velvety soft variety called Elfin Thyme.
When planting my thyme, I like to place it in front and make sure it receives good drainage.

  • Thyme does best in full sun
  • Plant in well-drained soil with a pH of about 7.0; it prefers slightly alkaline conditions
  • Adding limestone, oyster shells, or crushed eggshell to plants when planting
  • Thyme must have excellent drainage
  • Mulching with limestone gravel or builder’s sand improves drainage and prevents root rot.
  • Thyme is an Evergreen
  • Thyme is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae. Along with many other herbs, such as: rosemary, oregano, basil, and lavender.

If you would like to learn how to grow rosemary or mint, you can find for our other herb how-to articles.

Benefits of Cooking With Thyme

This amazing herb has been used both in savory and sweet dishes. The most familiar paring is in your Italian cooking, but there are so many uses.

I’ve shared a couple of our favorite recipes below for you to try.

  • Italian dishes- tomato sauces
  • Normally pared with Rosemary and Sage
  • Steak or Chicken Marsala
  • Season beef, poultry or pork.
  • The longer fresh thyme cooks, the milder the flavor will get.
  • Great for Compound Butters.

Thyme Recipes

Health Benefits Of Thyme

I mentioned above how I use thyme for my anti-bacterial cleaner.

I also include thyme in our mouth wash and in our medicinal honey recipe.

The medicinal benefits of herbs never cease to amaze me, and thyme is a herb hero.

Thyme Benefits

  • Antibacterial, antispasmodic, antirheumatic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-fungal ,expectorant, and calming properties.
  • Ancient Egyptians used it in their embalming practices, while ancient Greeks used it as incense.
  • Skin Problems
  • Used Oral care
  • Good for: Sore Throat, Whooping Cough, and Bronchitis
  • Kills mold and great in cleaners
  • Its leaves are one of the richest sources of: potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and selenium.
  • The herb is also a rich source of many important vitamins such as: B-complex vitamins, beta carotene, vitamin-A, vitamin-K, vitamin-E, vitamin-C, and folic acid.

How Do You Use Thyme?

Do you know another benefit of thyme or an amazing why to use it that I didn’t share?

Please drop a comment below or email us so I can include it!

Benefits of Thyme how to grow, cook and use

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Tuesday 13th of February 2018

I made a thyme cough syrup last year that was very effective AND my kids loved it!

Amber Bradshaw

Thursday 15th of February 2018

Thanks for sharing Ruthie, I love hearing testimonies!