Herbal Remedies

The Best Herbs for Lactation and Increasing Milk Supply


  If you are getting ready to be a new mother, or maybe you just had a baby, trouble with milk supply is not something we think about or plan. It can be very discouraging and some may even give up trying to nurse. The good news is that there are herbs for lactation and…

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Free Herbal Medicine Right In Your Own Yard


If you’re living off-grid, away from medical facilities, or just like the healing properties nature can offer, you can find free herbal medicine right outside your door. I’m sure many of you have walked by these very same plants thousands of times and never even realized what they could do!

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Effective Natural Sleep Aids


  Effective Natural Sleep Aids Do you suffer from sleep disorders? With the scary side-effects of prescription sleeping medications and treating insomnia, natural sleep aids are more sought after than ever. Effective natural sleep aids make those nights of counting sheep a distant memory.

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Herbs To Ease Joint and Arthritis Pain


Herbs To Ease Joint and Arthritis Pain If you or a loved one has ever experienced painful joints or arthritis pain, you know the value of gaining relief. There are many herbs to ease joint and arthritis pain. Did you know, according to the Arthritis Foundation, it’s estimated over one-third of the American population is…

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How to Make A Smudge Stick- Reduce Airborne Bacteria

How to Make A Smudge Stick & Reduce Airborne Bacteria

How to Make A Smudge Stick- Reduce Airborne Bacteria After all of the flooding, mold, and the increased viruses, reducing bacteria from the air just makes sense. Unfortunately, store-bought chemicals, air fresheners and cleaners tend to add to the problem and not help it. As a consequence, petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients and artificial fragrances increase risk…

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Back To School- How to Build Your Child’s Immunity To Prevent Sickness

Back To School- How to Build Your Child's Immunity To Prevent Sickness

It’s that time of the year again that many parents all over the country celebrate- Back To School. The new school clothes, book bags, lunch box, school supplies, and let’s not forget the Back To School Sickness. Every year we enjoyed a sick-free summer. No doctors offices, no medicines, just the great outdoors and the…

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DIY Critter Ridder Recipe- Natural Rodent Repellent

DIY Critter Ridder Recipe-Natural Rodent Repellent

  Rodent Repellent: DIY Critter-Ridder Recipe Are critters making a meal out of your home? Do they get into your trash? Your birds go hungry because some varmint eats their seeds? Do deer eat your prized flowers and garden? Then you need to make this DIY Critter Ridder Recipe for Natural Rodent Repellent.

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Rosemary: How to Grow, Cook & Use

Rosemary how to grow, cook and use rosemary

Rosemary: How to Grow, Cook & Use If I had to pick only one herb for my garden (gasp!) I would have to pick Rosemary. The smell is like none other and the multitude of uses makes this herb a rock-star plant. But what do you do with it? I will show you how to…

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How To: Grow, Cook & Use Fresh Mint

How To Grow, Cook & Use Fresh Mint

How To: Grow, Cook & Use Fresh Mint Mint is very prolific, it’s no wonder the question I get asked most often is what to do with it. I happen to love the refreshing taste, smell and feel of mint so I have no problem coming up with ways to use it. If you would…

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6 Natural Remedies for Sunburn Relief

6 Natural Remedies for Sunburn Relief. Take your summer back and be pain-free.

6 Natural Remedies for Sunburn Relief Nothing can damper a beach vacation like a bad sunburn. Once the damage is done, you need some Sunburn Relief to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Living on the coast most of my life, I have had (and seen) my fair share of sunburns. As a matter of fact,…

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