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Easy Holiday Appetizer with Fresh Cranberries & Herbs

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The holidays are a time of family and food but time is always in short supply. Make this easy and amazing Holiday Appetizer is just a matter of minutes!

When the holidays roll around having quick and easy appetizers are a must.

Easy Holiday Appetizer with Fresh Cranberries & Herbs

Easy Holiday Appetizer with Fresh Cranberries & Herbs

Our Easy Holiday Appetizer can be made in a matter of minutes and the flavors are amazing.

Red and green add to the holiday feel while the subtle taste of rosemary adds a surprising touch.


3 ingredients is all you need for this recipe, easy right?

Have you ever made your own Fresh Cranberry Sauce? We have a simple Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe, goes GREAT with this dish!

Store bought cranberry sauce contains high fructose corn syrup (among other things). Our homemade cranberry sauce is easy to make and taste so much better, you’ll never buy from a can again.


  1. Mix Cream Cheese with Rosemary
  2. Shape Into A log or circle on your serving plate, chill until firm
  3. Before serving, spread Cranberry Sauce on top
  4. Garnish with fresh cranberries and rosemary
  5. Serve with crackers, bread or vegetables

This Holiday Appetizer also taste great on turkey sandwiches!

Amazing Additions to Your Holiday Gathering

The perfect addition to this easy holiday recipe is our Cranberry Spritzer Mocktail!

In addition to the above recipe, you can serve roasted garlic with rosemary.

This is another recipe that will wow your guest, only 3 simple ingredients and takes no time at all to make.

Do you love cooking with herbs?

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Easy Holiday Appetizer With Fresh Cranberries and Herbs

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