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FREE Printable Chicken Name Gift Tags

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Seasons Greetings Peeps! What better way to top your gifts this holiday season than by using our FREE Printable Chicken Name Tags?

Whether you raise chickens like we do, or just think chickens are adorable, you’ll love these holiday name tags.

I created these adorable Christmas Chicken Name Gift Tags FREE for you to print and use on your gifts for the holidays this year. 

Check out our FREE Printable Chicken Name Tags for your Christmas Gifts.

Chicken Name Tags

These free, printable Christmas gift tags can be printed straight from your home computer, cut out, and then attached to your gifts.

Speaking of chickens, don’t forget your feathered friends this holiday season!

We have a whole list of Christmas Gifts For Chickens that your flock will love! Gifts for your actual chickens- who knew?

Click here to download your free PDF file for Chicken Name Holiday Tags

We’ve included step-by-step instructions below for your free printable name tags. If you’ve ever used a printer before, you won’t have any trouble.

How Do You Make Christmas gift tags?

Chicken Name Tag Directions

  1. Add card stock to the printer.
  2. Click Download to open the PDF file
  3. Open the PDF file See Picture Below
  4. Click the print icon in the upper right-hand corner
Printable PDF File for FREE Holiday Gift Tags

Once You Click “Print” for Your Chicken Name Tags

See below picture for details.

  1. Make sure you have the proper pint destination (your printer name should appear here)
  2. Color option is chosen- not black and white
  3. Paper size is correct (letter)
  4. Click Print
We offer free printable chicken name gift tags for your Christmas gifts.

How To Use Your Free Chicken Name Gift Tags

Once you’ve printed your tags, cut along the border with scissors or a paper cutter.

You can adhere your tags directly to your gifts with tape, or use a hole punch and add ribbon or twine to adhere them to your gifts.

I used a hole punch and jute twine to add my tags to my gifts, with a little clipping from the tree to add a special touch.

Grab your free PDF file of our FREE Printable Farm Animal Name Tags

What Can I Use Instead of A Gift Tag?

If you don’t have gift tags and can’t print our free tags, there are some things around your house that you could use.

  • Brown Paper Lunch Sacks
  • Index Cards
  • Old Greeting Cards or Christmas Cards
  • Wrapping Paper

How do you make a gift tag out of paper?

I have used basic printing paper as name tags, but because it’s so thin, it curls and doesn’t look good in my opinion.

I either use card stock for my name tags, or I glue thin paper to a thin piece of cardboard like a Kleenex or cereal box.

Making A Gift Tag Out of Paper Instructions

  1. Glue the paper (or use double sided sticky tape) to the printed side of a cardboard box.
    So the plain side is facing outwards.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Trace out a business card on to the paper.
  4. Cut out the shape.
  5. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the corner or top center.
  6. Thread ribbon or yarn through the hole.
  7. Attach the name tag to your gift.

Tips For Printing Your Free Christmas Chicken Name Gift Tags

  • You can use regular printer paper but I’ve found it to be too thin for my taste. I suggest using card stock. Card stock is thicker and doesn’t curl or rip easily.
  • Laser printers will offer a better quality than inkjet.
  • If you don’t have a printer you can upload the goat name gift tags to a thumb drive and take them to Walmart, Office Depot, CVS, Walgreens, or any other store that offers a printing service, and they can print them for you.
  • If you don’t have colored ink, you can print your tags in black and white.

But Wait! There’s More!

You didn’t think we would stop at chicken name tags do you? We have FREE Printable Goat Name Tags too!

Just like our chicken name tags, click to download the file for Goat Name Tags and print!

Before you know it, we’ll have the whole farm available!

Free Holiday Gift Tags. Just download the printable, cut out and add to  your gifts.

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