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Gavin Lowdermilk and The Bradshaw Family


Gavin Lowdermilk

Gavin Lowdermilk

The Muscle

Gavin is the eldest child and the only son in the Bradshaw clan. Always willing to lend a hand and has a huge passion for the life outdoors. When he’s not chopping wood, you can find him in the forest hunting for dinner.

Gavin attended college right out of high school and majored in Youth Ministry and Computer Programming. Gavin became a manager with the local grocery store but longed for life outdoors.

When he learned his family wanted to move to the mountains and life off-grid, he was excited to have the opportunity to leave the 9-5 life behind.

Gavin spends 99% of his time outdoors and is looking forward to starting construction of his own log home in the near future.



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