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Pioneer Learning Homeschool Academy

Pioneer Learning Homeschool Academy (PLHA)

Between a global pandemic, inflation, and rising cost of living, the world seems more uncertain now than ever.

Are you looking for a way to teach your kids old-fashioned life skills?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably taken a step back and are asking yourself what your family actually needs to know.

What skills can we teach our kids to ensure they can thrive in any global situation they may find themselves in?

What skills should we develop to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on an unstable world?

Our Grandparents had life skills that allowed them to adjust to The Great Depression and massive World Wars. It’s time we start learning what they knew.

Introducing ……….

Pioneer Learning Homeschool Academy (PLHA)

PLHA is a homeschool program that integrates core lessons into homestead education.

P.L.H.A. is about lessons, yes, but so much more!

Hands-on projects, research, and discovery will lead to increased self-sufficiency and confidence for you AND your kids.

PLHA is a homestead homeschool curriculum for your whole family

What We’re About

Pioneer Learning Homeschool Academy is a vision for the future using lessons from the past. A future generation of children who 

•know where their food comes from

•who know how to adapt without electricity

•who have life skills to provide for themselves and their families 

P.L.H.A. brings pioneer times into the present and shows families how to take matters into their own hands and thrive!

Basic life skills and some not so basic skills will enable families to feel empowered to provide for themselves and others.

A bright future lies just down the path of Pioneer Learning!

P.L.H.A. works in conjunction with your homeschool program or curriculum, or it can act as a stand alone program.

Scripture is a large part of our lives at Pioneer Learning, and will be part of the lessons presented.

Please check with your state laws about the state requirements for your child.

Pioneer Learning Homeschool Academy offers courses for everyone from Pre-K - 12th grade

Pioneer Learning Homeschool Academy is an affordable, online monthly subscription for all ages.

Each month, you’ll receive four weekly lessons, full of printables, projects, information, parent prep materials and more!

Want to teach your child the Pioneer ways and offer them homesteading skills that will last them a lifetime?

Enjoy Our FREE Sample Lesson

Valuable Resources For You

We have two valuable PDF files for you, homeschool laws per state, and homeschool umbrellas.