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How To Grow Ginger From the Root

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Growing your own ginger from root can be a fun and rewarding experience. Discover how simple it can be to grow delicious Ginger at home.

With the right tools and a little know-how, you can turn a single piece of ginger root into a thriving crop of sweet and spicy ginger plants.

Learn how to collect, plant, and harvest your home-grown ginger with this step-by-step guide.

How to grow ginger from root at home in just a couple easy steps.

Where Can You Grow Ginger Root?

Ginger is a tropical plant and thrives in planting zones 8 in above.

For those that live in planting zones 7 and above, you can grow ginger root in the ground outdoors.

For those of us not in a tropical climate, we can grow ginger root in pots in our home or on our front porch.

If you are unfamiliar with your planting zone, you can look it up on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

What Temperature Does Ginger Root Grow In?

As I mentioned above, ginger is a tropical plant. It likes warm, humid, sticky weather. The kind of weather where you take a shower and can never get fully dry; that kind of humid.

If your temperature gets below 32F then you will want to plant your ginger root in pots. When the temperature starts to drop, bring your ginger inside to use as a houseplant until things start to warm up again.

The ideal outside temperature for ginger root to grow is between 70-90 F degrees.

Gather Your Supplies and Materials

Before you can start growing your own ginger, you’ll need to make sure you  gather the necessary supplies and materials.

Start by gathering some fresh ginger root, lightweight potting soil, pots, a spray bottle for keeping the soil moist, and a sunny location to grow your ginger plants.

Make sure you’re using a well-draining lightweight potting soil that is free of fertilizers, or other additives.

Now you’re ready to begin!

Plant The Ginger Root

Once you have collected your ginger root, it’s time to plant it in your pot or container.

  1. Fill the pot with a mix of soil and peat moss, or coco coir.
  2. Start by soaking the ginger root in lukewarm water for 15-30 minutes.
  3. Then you place the ginger root in the middle of the pot.
  4. Gently push the root down into the soil so that just the top eye bud is exposed. See picture below:
  5. Cover the remaining buds with a 1″ -2″ layer of soil, being careful not to bury them too deeply. Water until moist, but not waterlogged, and place in indirect sunlight.

Planting root ginger is pretty easy, but it’s important to get the temperature and moisture just right.

Ginger root is ready to plant once it produces little buds.

Provide Your Ginger Root With Adequate Water and Soil

When the soil is slightly dry to the touch, give your ginger plants a good watering.

Be sure to water completely so that all the roots get plenty of moisture, but be careful not to make it too wet or you risk root rot.

If you’re in an area with heavy rainfall, use larger pots with drainage holes so that excess water can escape.

Fertilize your ginger plants every four to six weeks, or when necessary.

Use a low-nitrogen fertilizer and dilute it to half the recommended strength before applying it around the plant’s base.

How Much Sun Does Your Ginger Root Plant Need?

Your ginger plant will be happiest with 2-5 hours of direct early morning sun and afternoon shade.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Ginger From Root?

Ginger is one of those plants that take patience. Your patience will be well rewarded with fresh ginger, with quality that can’t compare to store-bought.

From plant to harvest is roughly 8-12 months to grow your own ginger root.

Ginger is a beautiful plant and can be used for aesthetics, such as a houseplant, while you’re waiting for the root to mature.

When Should I Harvest My Ginger Root?

A good indication that your ginger root is ready to harvest is when the stems turn yellow and begin to die.

Once the stems start to die, I cut the stems off about 2″ above the soil line.

I generally wait about one to two weeks after cutting the stems until the soil is somewhat dry, so the root develops a thick skin and isn’t easily damaged.

Harvest And Store Your Ginger Root

When it’s ready to harvest, place the pot on its side and gently roll the pot on the ground while adding pressure to the bottom.

Grab the stem and pull the root out of the pot.

The root should come up easily.

Rinse the root cluster to remove any dirt and debris.

Cut off what you need with a sharp knife and store the rest of the ginger in a brown paper bag with airhole’s at room temperature.

To eat or use in cooking right away, peel off any outer layers and cut into small pieces as required .

You can also freeze fresh ginger for longer storage – just peel, mince or grate the pieces into ice cube trays filled with either water or olive oil, then store in freezer bags.

How To Dehydrate Ginger

Our good friends at Purposeful Pantry are the authority of all things dehydrated. They are my go-to when I want to know how to dehydrate something.

When a recipe calls for ginger, it’s typically just a touch, not several ounces as in your ginger root.

The best way to preserve the ginger root you grew at home is to dehydrate it.

The Purposeful Pantry offers great tips on how to dehydrate your fresh ginger and how to make ginger powder!

Uses For Ginger Root

I adore using ginger in many applications. From cooking to my homemade sore muscle rub, it is a staple in our home.

We use ginger daily to help with our aches and pains of arthritis, as well as a natural remedy to relieve headaches and cold symptoms.

The uses of ginger are endless, and date back thousands of years in several applications. We highlight 7 Amazing Uses For Ginger To Improve Your Health.

Begin your ginger journey by starting with one plant and watch your love for this amazing root grow.

how to grow ginger root at home with easy to follow steps.

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Wednesday 14th of June 2023

Where do I get the ginger to start my garden

Amber Bradshaw

Thursday 15th of June 2023

I buy organic ginger from my grocery store. Whole Foods carries organic ginger if you have one near you.