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How To Make Honey Straws For Fun And Profit

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Honey Straws are an amazing treat that are perfect for the whole family! Easy to take anywhere, Honey Straws make them the perfect on-the-go snack.

How to Make Honey Straws for Fun and Profit

By now, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the liquid golden sweetness from one of these special treats. If not, you’re in for a surprise!

The best part about them, outside of their amazing taste, is they are crazy east to make and take. Nothing like a grab-n-go snack that is good for you. 

How To Make Honey Straws For Fun And Profit

Uses for Honey Straws

Honey has so many uses and wonderful benefits, I could write an entire book about it! I came close when I wrote Beekeeping for Beginners but only scratched the surface. 

Here are some ways you can use your DIY Honey Straws. 

  • Sweet Treat
  • First Aid Kit- Burns
  • Use on Bug Bites
  • Help With Allergies
  • Pick-Me-Up
  • Sports, hiking
  • In emergency bags (BOB’s) or EDC
  • Eat like a pixie stick
  • Sweeten Drinks
  • Party favors
  • Income potential

Did you know not only does raw honey taste deliciously amazing but it is the only food that doesn’t spoil, is used to treat burns, helps with allergies, and contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties?

To learn more about natural allergy treatments click here to read my article Top 10 Natural Remedies For Allergies


How to Make Honey Straws for Fun and Profit

Now you may have watched a Youtube video or two about how to do this at home with a candle, a lighter and a pair of pliers, and it will work- eventually.
But it is messy, smelly, time-consuming and you will have a lot of waste of your precious raw honey.
I highly recommend you make the small investment of the heat sealer, it is worth its weight in gold.

Honey Straw Supplies

NOTE: You can use biodegradable straws for this project. 

Honey Straw Directions

* Children should be supervised at all times if helping, use caution

  1. Pour the desired amount of honey into a glass jar (I normally use 1/3 – 1/2 cup)
  2. Add natural flavoring if desired (for 1/3-1/2 cup of honey I use 20 drops of natural flavor)
  3. Add 1 drop of natural food coloring if desired
  4. Stir to mix
  5. Take the syringe and completely filled with honey
  6. Insert the syringe into the straw and slowly fill til honey reaches 1/2″ from both ends 
  7. HOLD STRAW LEVEL- trust me, it runs out quickly if you tilt it
  8. Heat seal end of honey straw according to manufacturer’s directions, flip over and heat seal opposite end.
  9. Lightly squeeze honey straw to make sure you have a good seal on both ends and there are no leaks if you notice leaks, repeat #8
  10. Enjoy! you can use for party favors, wedding gifts, holiday gifts, school treats, the possibilities are endless.

Pricing Your DIY Honey Straws and Where to Sell Them

As I mentioned before, the possibilities are endless with the honey straws and they are in high demand right now.
I sold mine at the Farmers Markets and I sell them at a local store.
You can offer them to

  • Youth Groups
  • Fundraisers
  • Craft Shows
  • Consignment at your local stores
  • Or just take some pictures and email your contacts that you have them available.

In addition to the full honey straws, I cut the straws in half and sell them at coffee shops. They are the perfect size to serve with coffee or tea. 

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Check with your local laws about selling honey before you try to sell your honey straws

When pricing your straws, consider the quality of your product and what goes into making them.

If you are fortunate enough to have bees, you realize the labor that goes into making the honey, the cost of the all natural ingredients and your time in making them.

I do not negotiate or justify my prices when I set them; there are cheaper (and lesser quality) products available for them to buy from if the cost is an issue. Never get into a bidding war with those that are buying bulk straws, from God knows where, and comparing them to your hand-made local honey straws.

I sell mine for $.75 each or (4) for $2.00 and I always run out. I may not sell as many as the bulk supplier but I keep myself busy.

These are so easy to make once you get the hang of it-Above all, have fun! 

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How To Make Honey Straws For Fun and Profit

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Wednesday 15th of September 2021

Hi Amber, I purchased PFS ~200 as my sealer. Unfortunately, I can not get it to seal the straws. Can you recommend both a sealer and a certain brand of straws. Any detailed info would be appreciated!


Wednesday 27th of March 2024

@Amber Bradshaw, Hello, I am curious as to how the eco straws worked for you? Did they seal and stay sealed? Can you share which brand you used? Also, would it work to seal one end of the straw before filling? I appreciate you taking the time to respond to this question on an older post.

Amber Bradshaw

Monday 20th of September 2021

This is the one I've used for over 6 years.

These are the straws I use.


Wednesday 16th of October 2019

Any suggestions if we are trying to stay away from plastic?

Amber Bradshaw

Thursday 17th of October 2019

Yes, they now have plant-based biodegradable straws that are perfect for this! I'm not sure how long they last before starting to degrade but I recently got some to test out. I would say they should last at least a couple of months.

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Friday 14th of December 2018

Have you used the biodegradable straws, do they seal and hold up?

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