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LBH: Large Black Hogs Heritage Breed Pigs

Large Black Hogs (LBH) are a heritage breed pig.

  • Mature Boars can weigh 700-800 lbs.
  • Mature Sows reach 600-700 lbs. an adult.

Todays small farmers are looking for a heritage breed of pig that can be raised on pasture and produce a superior pork for a niche market.

Heritage breeds are those that were perfected over a hundred years ago by farmers who bred for taste, hardiness, mothering ability, and efficiency.

Most heritage breeds of hogs Purebred Large Black Hogs are known for the ability to thrive on pastures. The pork is darker in color and more flavorful than commercial breeds. The meat is lean yet micro-marbled with short muscle fibers that gives it tenderness.

Our animals are never given growth hormones, steroids or animal by-products.


Fall 2024

We sell on-hoof only. This means all pigs leaving our farm are alive.

We currently have our entire herd available.

This includes:

  • Breeding Pair.
  • Two boars (one 3 and one two)
  • One Gilt

Our sales are local pickup only in Newport, Tennessee. Buyer must provide proper transportation for the pigs.

  • No holds without a deposit.
  • Non-Refundable Deposit is required.
  • No-Shows, No-Calls, will forfeit their deposit. 

Please Read: Livestock Sales Policy

LBH Resources

Large Black Hog Association

The Livestock Conservancy

Basic Pig Husbandry

What do Pigs Eat?

Hog Terms

  • Hog. The term hog covers any age, status or gender of animal.
  • Boar is a mature male hog.
  • Barrow (shortened to bar) is a castrated boar
  • Sow is a female that has reproduced
  • Gilt is a female that has not reproduced
  • Shoat (shote) is any young hog that has been weaned
  • Pig is any unweaned baby hog
  • Piglet is only the very youngest baby hog

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