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Livestock for Sale~ Smoky Mountain Homestead

Smoky Mountain Homestead has livestock for sale in East Tennessee. Family owned and raised. All of our livestock are raised with love and care.


Livestock for Sale in East Tennessee

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Pure-breed Nigerian Dwarf Goats. The smallest dairy goat recognized by the ADGA.


Our rabbits are bred for pets, pelts, and meat.

LBH (Large Black Hogs)

Our LBH are a heritage breed pigs. They are Pure-breed and pasture-raised.

Hatching Eggs

Do you want to hatch your own eggs? We have fertile eggs available.

Baby Chicks

We raise a variety of chickens and hatch out baby chicks to order. 25 Day wait period

Please Read: Livestock Sales Policy

About Us

We live off grid with our family of five.
Raising food organically and working towards a self-sufficient life.
It’s important for to us to know our livestock is raised humanely and has a happy life.
We provide a stress free environment for our livestock and the entire family interacts with them daily. Phone:
Text Only 1-865-599-9959 Email:

Smoky Mountain Homestead

We are located by the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. All of our animals and livestock enjoy the mountainous terrain on our 46+ acres.
We raise our livestock with their health and happiness as our first priority. Utilizing natural and organic methods/treatments when possible.

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