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Livestock for Sale~ Smoky Mountain Homestead

Livestock for Sale~ Smoky Mountain Homestead

Smoky Mountain Homestead Livestock

Livestock for Sale in East Tennessee

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Pure-breed Nigerian Dwarf Goats. The smallest dairy goat recognized by the ADGA.


Our rabbits are bred for pets, pelts, and meat.

LBH (Large Black Hogs)

Our LBH are a heritage breed pigs. They are Pure-breed and pasture-raised.

Hatching Eggs

Do you want to hatch your own eggs? We have fertile eggs available.

Baby Chicks

We raise a variety of chickens and hatch out baby chicks to order. 25 Day wait period

Please Read: Livestock Sales Policy

About Us

We live off grid with our family of five.
Raising food organically and working towards a self-sufficient life.
It’s important for to us to know our livestock is raised humanely and has a happy life.
We provide a stress free environment for our livestock and the entire family interacts with them daily. Phone:
Text Only 1-865-599-9959 Email:

Smoky Mountain Homestead

We are located by the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. All of our animals and livestock enjoy the mountainous terrain on our 46+ acres.
We raise our livestock with their health and happiness as our first priority. Utilizing natural and organic methods/treatments when possible.

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