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The Ultimate Preppers Checklist for Non-Preppers

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Do you consider yourself to be a prepper? Or maybe you might be one of the people that thinks preppers prepare for doomsday and zombies? I assume before 2020 we may have all thought those preppers were a little crazy, now we’re searching how to prepare for the SHTF scenarios, right? If you want to become better prepared, where would you start? We’ve compiled the Ultimate Preppers Checklist for Non-Preppers to set you on the right path. 

Prepper or Homesteader? 

There is a long standing debate about preppers and homesteaders. Some say that all homesteaders are preppers, but not all preppers are homesteaders.


A homesteader is someone who purchases a piece of land in the country, works the land, grows food, raises livestock, cans their harvest, and bakes from scratch. Homesteaders are generally a jack of all trades and will help a neighbor out when needed. They are prepared for any emergency and know how to work a gun and use a knife, not to mention act as a farm vet. They don’t think about doomsday, because they know things happen every day and they just deal with each problem as they come. 



A prepper on the other hand always thinks the end is near. The end of life as we know it. They spend a small fortune on getting ready for the next thing they believe is going to try and wipe out mankind. From a comet to zombies and everything else. Most all preppers have a B.O.B (Bug Out Bag) and are ready to either leave at a moment’s notice or they have built a small fortress that can withstand an attack. Very few preppers focus on working the land, raising livestock, or practice putting up the harvest from the garden. Preppers are prepared to live on MRE’s (meals ready to eat) and they know livestock would slow them down or make them a target. 

Somewhere in The Middle

Our family lives in the mountains on over forty acres and we are completely off grid. We work the land, raise livestock, can, prep for anything, and prepare for emergencies. While we would fall in the latter category with staying and defending our land, we don’t necessarily think we’ll be defending it against alien life forms. Then again, never say never.

Prepping is not a matter of living in fear but living to be prepared. There are no certainties in life and we need to be prepared so our family doesn’t go without basic necessities. We live in a very fragile economy, relying on many imports to support our quality of life.

If anything good has come from the past year, it’s that we’ve become acutely aware that we have a problem. We rely far too heavily on those that provide us with the things we need to maintain our standard of living. The status quo needs to change. 


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Saturday 21st of August 2021

Like minded allies/ community.

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Tuesday 29th of December 2020

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Friday 21st of August 2020

I am not a prepper or a homesteader. I do not have a bug out bag, but I grew up in California with earthquakes. I have earthquake survival packs still in my truck, even though I no longer live in earthquake territory. The pandemic has made me think more abut prepping though. When I'm home off the grid I would be relatively safe and secure. But if I'm away from home, that would be the problem time. - Margy