Rabbits for Sale


Spring 2021

We currently have Rex Rabbits available for Spring.

Lion Heads will become available Summer 2021!

Full grown will weigh 7.5- 10.5 lbs.

Friendly, calm, good natured rabbits.

Average lifespan 5-6 yrs

They have a dense and thick fur of about half an inch

These rabbit breeds can be used both commercial as well as show animal species

Good All-Purpose Rabbit.

Our Rex Rabbits are available for sale at Seven Weeks of Age.

Price: $25.00 each

Rabbit Resources

Rabbit Fact, Care, Personality

American Rabbits Breeders Association

Rex Rabbits: Complete Guide To Care, Lifespan, Breed Info, And FAQs!

Rabbit Terms

Doe- Female Rabbit

Buck- Male Rabbit

Litter- Group of baby rabbits born in one birth.

Kits- A bunch of bunnies

Dam- Mother of the bunnies

Sire - Father of the bunnies

Hutch - Rabbit house

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