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The Ultimate Preppers Checklist for Non-Preppers


    Do you consider yourself to be a prepper? Or maybe you might be one of the people that thinks preppers prepare for doomsday and zombies? I assume before 2020 we may have all thought those preppers were a little crazy, now we’re searching how to prepare for the SHTF scenarios, right? If you…

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How to Ration Food + Inventory Sheets

empty food shelves in the crisis

  Do you have enough food to last your family for 30 days? What about two weeks? Have you ever taken a total food inventory or had to ration food?  These are all questions we should be asking ourselves. As a nation, we take food for granted and assume it will always be there when…

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How to Keep Food Cool Off Grid & Without Electricity

How To Keep Food Cool Off Grid & Without Electricity

  What happens if a storm hits and you’re without power for a week or longer? How long would your food supply last without electricity? What if you live Off-grid, how will you cool your food? I will answer all of these questions and more in How to keep food cool off Grid & without electricity.

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