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BEST Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma- Who Loves to Garden!

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Our grandma’s are our heart, they are the glue that holds our families together. Get the best Mother’s Day gifts for grandma who loves to get outdoors and garden.

Great gifts ideas for your grandma that loves gardening.

What Should I Get My Grandma for Mother’s Day?

Most grandmothers (and mothers) just want to spend some time with their children and grandchildren. As we age, we accumulate more stuff than we need or have room for.

While grandmother’s appreciate being thought of for Mother’s Day, the gift of time is more valuable than anything that can be bought at the store.

What Are Best Gifts for Grandmother?

Does your grandma or Nana love to get outdoors? Does she love to garden? If so, we have the perfect gift suggestions for you!

The best part? Most of my suggestions are completely free, all they’ll cost is your time, which I know will be greatly appreciated by your grandma.

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mobile Grandma


If grandma still loves to get outdoors and get her hands in the dirt, she will absolutely love each and every single gift suggestion we have for Mother’s Day.

  • Weed your grandma’s garden.
    I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t appreciate someone weeding their garden. I actually asked my kids for this gift this year.
  • Make a garden journal
    Part of successful gardening is good record keeping. You can make her a gardening journal with free printables online and a three ring binder.
  • Help you grandma plant her garden.
    Gardening is hard work and hard on your body. From tilling the ground to planting seeds, a helping hand would sure be nice.
  • Start her some vegetables from seed.
    Give her garden a jump start by planting a variety of seeds and give them to your grandma for Mother’s Day. Make sure to mark what you’ve planted with some DIY plant markers.
  • Get her some seeds or plants for her garden.(12 places to get cheap or free garden plants & seeds)
  • Make some plant markers for your grandma (25 DIY Garden Plant Markers)
  • Build (or buy) her a gardening chair so she can work on her garden while sitting down. (How to make a simple garden chair)
  • Prune her trees.
    Trees need to be pruned to grow properly and continue fruiting. It’s a dangerous job, certainly not one for Grandma to attempt to do.
  • Make your grandma a walking stick or cane to help her get around and prevent her from falling.
  • Give those gardening tools a makeover and give them some TLC. Example: sharpen blades, make sure the garden hose doesn’t leak.

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Immobile Grandma

One of the hardest parts about getting older is not being able to do the things we once enjoyed. Add some joy to your Grandma this Mother’s Day by bringing the garden to her.

  • Join a local gardening club with your grandma and bring her to the meetings.
  • Build a raised garden bed she can access from a chair.
  • Prune her trees.
  • Make an indoor terrarium.
    Bring the garden inside with a homemade terrarium.
  • Gift grandma indoor plants and a small gardening kit (small rake, water can, gloves, small hand shovel) for Mother’s Day.
  • Start granny an indoor lettuce pot so she can grow and eat her own lettuce.
  • Plant a rose bush or a fruit tree outside your grandma’s bedroom window so she can look at it daily and think of you.
  • Bring your grandma a wildflower bouquet that you picked for Mother’s Day.
  • Start her a microgreen garden indoors.
    Microgreens are easy to grow indoors, in any size space. In less than two weeks, your grandma can harvest fresh radish, broccoli, kale, and several other greens.

What should I buy my Nana for Grandparents Day?

If you didn’t have enough time to do all you would like for your grandmother for Mother’s Day, remember, you don’t need a holiday to celebrate your favorite nana.

In addition to Mother’s Day, you can always plan ahead for Grandparents’ Day.

Grandparents’ Day is right before fall and there are always fall gardening chores that need to be accomplished.

If you’re looking for some ideas you can check out our article 7 Fall Garden Tips + Free Checklist Printable.

If you have a great idea for a Mother’s Day Gift for Grandma who loves to get outdoors and garden, we would love to hear about it!

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