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How to Use Back-to-School Sales for Homesteading

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Back-to-school season isn’t just for students and parents; it’s also a fantastic opportunity for homesteaders to stock up on essential supplies at discounted prices.

From organizing your homestead to enhancing your day-to-day operations, here are some clever ways to take advantage of back-to-school sales for your homesteading needs.


Notebooks for Livestock Care and Tracking

A good notebook is one of the simplest yet most effective tools for homesteading. Use notebooks to keep detailed records of your livestock care, including feeding schedules, health checks, and breeding logs.

They’re also great for tracking your garden’s growth, weather patterns, and daily chores. Back-to-school sales often feature high-quality notebooks at low prices, so stock up!


Pencil Boxes as Animal First Aid Kits

Pencil boxes are the perfect size for creating compact first-aid kits for your animals. Fill them with essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, small scissors (small scissors are normally on sale too), and any specific medications your animals might need.

Their sturdy construction ensures your supplies stay protected and organized, making them easy to grab in an emergency.

Sticky Notes or Index for Canning, Recipes, and Food Preservation

Sticky notes can be incredibly useful for labeling and organizing your canning projects. Use them to mark jars with dates, contents, and any special notes about the batch.

They’re also handy for creating quick reminders around your kitchen or labeling shelves in your pantry. Take advantage of the sales to get them in bulk!


Backpacks for Harvesting and Tool Storage

Back-to-school sales are a great time to buy sturdy backpacks at a discount. Use them to carry tools, seeds, or even to help with harvesting.

A good backpack can make transporting items around your homestead much easier and more efficient. Look for ones with multiple compartments to help keep everything organized.

Lunch Boxes for Food Storage

Lunch boxes designed for keeping food fresh are perfect for storing snacks and meals around your homestead.

These boxes can also help organize your pantry by holding small, non-perishable food items.

Use them to keep your lunch safe while working in the garden. Or as containers for storing food for your livestock or treats like mealworms!

Thermos for Hot and Cold Beverages or Homemade Yogurt!

A quality thermos is invaluable on a homestead. Whether you need to keep your coffee hot during early morning chores or your water cold while working in the heat, a thermos is a great investment.

A good thermos retains heat, which makes it an ideal vessel for making your own yogurt.

Back-to-school sales often feature thermoses at reduced prices, so it’s a good time to buy a couple for your homestead.

Glue Sticks for Quick Repairs

Glue sticks might seem like a simple item, but they can be incredibly handy for making quick repairs around the homestead.

Use them to mend broken items, craft emergency fixes, or even help with small construction projects. They’re compact, easy to store, and often on sale during this season.

Rulers Are On Sale During Back-To-School Shopping

Just this week, I bought a handful of rulers during our back-to-school supply sales for $.25 each!

20 Ways to Use Back-to-School Rulers On the Homestead

20 Ways to Use Back-to-School Rulers On the Homestead

  1. Straight Line Guide for Weeding: Use a ruler to draw straight lines in the soil for precise weeding.
  2. Depth Gauge for Planting: Mark depths on the ruler to ensure consistent planting depths for seeds and bulbs.
  3. Temporary Fence Marker: Lay rulers end-to-end as a temporary guide for placing fence posts.
  4. Birdhouse Perch: Attach a ruler horizontally as a sturdy perch for birds.
  5. Outdoor Sundial: Position a ruler vertically to cast shadows and tell time based on the sun’s position.
  6. Water Level Indicator: Use a waterproof ruler to measure water levels in rain barrels or tanks.
  7. Tree Growth Tracker: Measure and mark the growth of young trees by recording their height over time.
  8. Craft Stick Substitute: Use a ruler in place of craft sticks for building small-scale models or projects.
  9. Straightedge for Pathway Design: Lay out straight pathways or garden rows by using a ruler as a guide.
  10. Garden Planning: Measure and layout garden beds for precise planting and spacing.
  11. Woodworking: Ensure accurate cuts and measurements when building structures or furniture.
  12. Canning and Preserving: Measure jar sizes and headspace to ensure proper sealing.
  13. Sewing and Crafting: Measure fabric and materials for homemade clothing and crafts.
  14. DIY Projects: Measure materials for various do-it-yourself projects around the homestead.
  15. Animal Housing: Create accurate plans and dimensions for animal shelters or coops.
  16. Mapping Property: Measure and map out sections of your property for fencing or development.
  17. Recipe Adjustments: Measure ingredients accurately for homemade recipes.
  18. Organizing Storage: Measure storage spaces to maximize organization and efficiency.
  19. Repairs and Maintenance: Use for precise measurements when making repairs around the homestead.

Bonus use for rulers!

Much like wood pencils, for less than $1.00, you can add a couple of rulers to your Bug Out Bag or Camping Backpack, and shave small wood chips with a knife to use for starting fires.

Locker Mirrors for Your Chickens

Call it vanity, but chickens love playing with mirrors. Back-to-school sales generally include locker mirrors (the kind that don’t break), so they’re the perfect addition for your chicken coop!

In addition to locker mirrors, see our list of chicken gifts your flock is sure to love!


Storage Containers and Organizers

From pencil cases to plastic bins, back-to-school sales offer a plethora of storage options. These containers are perfect for organizing everything from seeds and tools to household items and cleaning supplies.

Keeping your homestead organized can save you time and reduce stress, making these items a worthwhile investment.

See our Tips To Organize Your Homestead Kitchen.

Back to School Sales for Homeschool Supplies 

Back-to-school sales provide a unique opportunity for homesteaders to purchase essential supplies at discounted prices. This is especially handy if you homeschool.

As an added bonus, if you belong to a homeschool association and have a membership card, many stores will offer you an additional discount for being a teacher!

Whether it’s notebooks for tracking livestock care, pencil boxes for animal first aid kits, or sticky notes for canning, there are plenty of items that can be repurposed for homesteading.

Don’t Forget Back-to-School Tax-Free Shopping Days!

Back-to-school sales tax holiday normally is a couple of weeks before school starts. Check online for the tax-free dates in your state.

The tax holiday offers certain clothing items, school supplies, and computers that are exempt from sales tax. This is especially helpful if you live where we do, in Tennessee, which has one of the highest sales tax rates in the nation.

Keep an eye out for these deals and stock up to make your homestead run more smoothly and efficiently.

Germs At School

Lastly, let’s talk about back-to-school sickness. Thankfully, we homeschool now. However, when our kids went to public school, it never failed. They always got sick within the first 30-days they were back in school.

If your child attends school outside of your home, you’ll appreciate these tips in our article, Back To School- How to Build Your Child’s Immunity To Prevent Sickness.

Do you have ways to use Back-To-School Sales Items On The Homestead?

I’m a frugal kind of gal and love to learn about ways to save a buck. If you have any ideas or tips I didn’t mention, please add a comment to this post or message me!

Back to School Sales for Homesteaders

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