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Top 6 Energy Sources For Living Off The Grid

Top 6 Energy Sources for Living Off The Grid

By Amber Bradshaw | Feb 14, 2021

  When deciding to live Off The Grid, one of the main concerns (other than a water source) is generating energy to supply your electrical needs. The first thing we all think of when thinking of green energy is solar. There are other viable energy sources out there that may be better suited for you.…

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Tips to Organize Your Homestead Kitchen

By Amber Bradshaw | Feb 10, 2021

  Homestead kitchens are a huge fad right now. All white and gray with shiny galvanized metal accents… Don’t get me wrong — they are gorgeous. But a homestead kitchen? They can be messy. On our homestead, most of our time indoors is spent in the kitchen. We bake, fry, can, dry, process, and gather.…

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How to Make A Smudge Stick- Easy DIY

By Amber Bradshaw | Feb 1, 2021

  Smudge Sticks have been used to cleanse the air since the beginning of recorded history. From religious ceremonies to insect repellent, the practice of smudging has many uses. With just a couple minutes of your time, I can show you how to make an smudge stick to help kill airborne bacteria and cleanse the…

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The Best Baby Goat Names For 2021!

By Amber Bradshaw | Feb 1, 2021

  Everyone knows after the ever-so-famous gateway livestock, the chicken, that you need to add goats. It’s only natural to have a milk source after you have an egg source and what better milk source than to start with baby goats? As a new goat-owner, you’re going to need the best baby goat names. I’m…

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How & When to Start Seeds Indoors

By Amber Bradshaw | Jan 25, 2021

How & When to Start Seeds Indoors We are slowly chipping away at the winter season, with the hope of spring just around the corner. For me, planning my spring garden is a reprieve from the cold, dormant winter, I’m like a kid at Christmas when the seed catalogs start rolling in. Get a head…

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Herbs to Boost Your Immune System In the Winter

By Amber Bradshaw | Jan 8, 2021

                Herbs to Boost Your Immune System in the Winter Sun-filled summer days have drawn to a close and we are now faced with preparation for the long winter months. We spend hours preparing our homes and farms for winter. We dig out sweaters and scarves, fill coops…

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DIY Winter Emergency Car Kit ~ FREE Printable PDF Checklist

By Amber Bradshaw | Dec 29, 2020

  We recently went through a severe winter snow storm that left many stranded for days. The worst part about it, aside of being without power and water for five days on Christmas, was all of the abandoned cars left on the roads. They were blocking roads, in creeks, and in ditches. The stranded cars…

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Homestead Funerals- How To Save On Funeral Cost

Homestead Funerals- How to Save On Funeral Cost

By Amber Bradshaw | Oct 4, 2020

This is one of those taboo subjects that no one likes to talk about but sooner or later everyone will have to deal with it. Deaths, Funerals, and Burials. Whether you are planning for the future or have lost a loved one, you should read this article. I will share how to save on funeral…

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The Ultimate Preppers Checklist for Non-Preppers

By Amber Bradshaw | Aug 17, 2020

    Do you consider yourself to be a prepper? Or maybe you might be one of the people that thinks preppers prepare for doomsday and zombies? I assume before 2020 we may have all thought those preppers were a little crazy, now we’re searching how to prepare for the SHTF scenarios, right? If you…

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