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The BEST Natural Japanese Beetle Control- P.S. Your Chickens Will LOVE It

By Amber Bradshaw | Apr 22, 2019

  Have Japanese Beetles ruined your lawn and garden? You may never be able to eradicate them but you can control them with this Natural Japanese Beetle Control method. P.S- your chickens will LOVE it!

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The Best Herbs for Lactation and Increasing Milk Supply

By Amber Bradshaw | Apr 19, 2019

  If you are getting ready to be a new mother, or maybe you just had a baby, trouble with milk supply is not something we think about or plan. It can be very discouraging and some may even give up trying to nurse. The good news is that there are herbs for lactation and…

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when to feed bees- nectar flow- honeybees- beekeeping

Feeding Your Bees- When Do You Need To Feed Them?

By Amber Bradshaw | Apr 14, 2019

  Everything You Need To Know About When To Feed Your Bees When you hear of people feeding bees you may think they have taken this beekeeping a step too far. Like people who make dresses and pants for their chickens. However, honey bees need our help at different times throughout the year. Learn all…

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egg-incubator-how to hatch eggs

Egg Incubator- How To Hatch Eggs

By Amber Bradshaw | Apr 6, 2019

How To Hatch Eggs In A Egg Incubator Do you want to increase your flock but want to save the expense of ordering chicks? Then you need to get an egg incubator to hatch your own eggs. Incubating your own eggs is a way to inexpensively increase your flock. Knowing how to incubate eggs properly is…

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strawberries- strawberry tops- vitamin water- how to remove plaque naturally

STOP! Don’t Throw Away That Strawberry Top! Here are 5 Amazing Uses

By Amber Bradshaw | Apr 3, 2019

Have you been throwing the best part of the strawberry away all these years? Well maybe not the best part, but we’ve been throwing away something that can serve a greater purpose. Are strawberry tops safe to eat? Not only are they safe to eat but they are full of vitamins and here are 5 ways…

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Your Ultimate Strawberry roundup. Strawberries: nutrition, Benefits, Recipes- Over 30 ways to use them!

Strawberries: Nutrition, Benefits & Recipes- Over 30 ways to use them!

By Amber Bradshaw | Apr 3, 2019

  Strawberries: Nutrition, Benefits & Recipes- Over 30 ways to use them! Strawberry picking is one of the nostalgic memories I have of my youth and it is a tradition I have passed on to my children. Very rarely do we ever miss a strawberry season that we don’t go picking as a family. With…

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DIY Mosquito Repellent Necklace, beautiful and effective!

DIY Mosquito Repellent Necklace + Bonus Mosquito Spray Recipe!

By Amber Bradshaw | Apr 3, 2019

DIY Mosquito Repellent Necklace Are you tired of using sticky, oily, stinky, mosquito repellent? Well, now you can stay protected from biting insects in style with this DIY Mosquito Repellent Necklace and say goodbye to the commercial sprays.

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Adding Backyard Chickens- what you need to know before you buy.

Adding Backyard Chickens- What You Need to Know Before Your Buy

By Amber Bradshaw | Mar 30, 2019

Adding Backyard Chickens- What You Need to Know Before You Buy They say that chickens are the gateway livestock, and it’s true. Ever heard of chicken math? If not, you will find out shortly. We all want food independence and freedom to raise our own food. Raising chickens is a great and affordable way to…

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Growing Asparagus- Everything You Want To Know

By Amber Bradshaw | Mar 25, 2019

Everything You Want to Know About Growing Asparagus Asparagus is the most worry-free perennial vegetable plant there is for the home gardener. If you love asparagus as much as I do, you know how expensive it is to buy. I will share with you everything you want to know about growing asparagus so you can…

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