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DIY Citrus Candles: Eco-Friendly & Easy

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DIY Citrus Candles. Eco-Friendly, Easy to Make and only 2 Ingredients!

You won’t believe how fun and easy this Citrus Candle is to make! Wow, your guest at any party or gathering with these amazing candles.

DIY Citrus Candles: Eco-Friendly & Easy

This fun little project pleases my lifestyle in so many ways.
#1 It is an easy (I mean easy) DIY project.
#2 It is budget-friendly, no cost involved; if you have the ingredients on-hand, otherwise- wait until the next time you eat an orange to make!
#3 It is green in that it recycles your discarded peels. It is Eco-Friendly- using cooking oil, the fumes are less toxic and the production of vegetable oil is less harmful to the environment.
#4 It is a great prepper tip if you are ever in the need of candles for an emergency.
#5 This is a perfect craft for nature decor at a party, picnic or shower… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this easy DIY project!

DIY Citrus Candle Ingredients

    • Citrus: orange, mandarin orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine or any other citrus I couldn’t think of.
    • Oil- I used Non-Gmo Canola Oil but really any cooking oil can be used.
      Some other choices are canola, olive, grape seed, safflower, vegetable.
    • Couple drops of essential oils; use citronella essential oils if using outside * optional



DIY Citrus Candles: Eco-Friendly & Easy

DIY Citrus Candle Directions

  1. Evenly cut your citrus in half -do as I say, not as I do- haha
  2. Carefully remove the fruit and leave the white center stem intact, this will act as your wick.
    I like to use citrus with a loose flesh like tangerines.
    When you cut your citrus you can get creative with removing the peel and carve waves or designs using your knife- I kept my cut as simple as they come.
  3. Add cooking oil to your empty citrus peel ¾ way up the wick (do not fill above white stem)
  4. Place the citrus candle in a fire-safe holder
  5. Light the white stem/wick and enjoy.
    It will take a little longer than normal to light the wick so do not use a match.
  • They last a long time too. My candles stay lit for over 2 hours!


DIY Citrus Candles: Eco-Friendly and Easy


DIY Citrus Candle Cautions

  • Don’t place the candle near anything flammable.
  • Always use caution when burning candles and do not leave unattended.
  • Make sure to house the candle in a non-flammable container.
  • Use fresh citrus peels, not dried.
  • Make sure you remove all fruit fibers.
  • Make sure the candle isn’t tilted, the oil can spill out and the fruit can catch fire.
  • Use enough oil so that it’s just slightly below the top of the fruit but not above the wick.
  • Use a lighter instead of a match as it will take a while to light.

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