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Living Off The Grid- What You Need to Know

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Getting Prepared for Living Off The Grid

Do you want financial freedom? Are you tired of being told what you can and can not do on your own property? Then you are probably one of the thousands that are looking into Off Grid Living.
Before you give your two weeks notice and put your house on the market, there are 12 Things You Must Do Before Moving Off The Grid.  If you follow some of our tips, it will help better prepare you for life off grid. 

Getting Started for Building Off The Grid

Life off-the-grid should mean freedom, right? No rules and no one telling you what you can and cannot do, right? Unfortunately, wrong. While it’s true, living off the grid IS freeing and there is a peace about this life that you won’t find in any other place, it isn’t without its rules. We still have to pay taxes and we still have to abide by the local laws, which means building codes, permits, inspections, and fees.

Do people do what they want anyway? Why, yes, yes they do. Should you? Not really. Let me explain why in my article Building Off The Grid- Getting Started.

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Thursday 9th of July 2020

This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing!