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7 DIY Father’s Day Presents

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They say the best gifts are the ones that are homemade, and I tend to agree. Homemade gifts show the giver took time to make something with love. Your dad will enjoy our 7 DIY Father’s Day Presents that you can make with little to no money.

What Are Good Homemade Gifts for Father’s Day?

Of course anything you make for your dad for Father’s Day will be great, but the best gifts are ones he can actually use. Think about your dad, and his daily activities.

  • What does he like to do?
  • Does he like to cook?
  • Does he enjoy working outside?
  • Is there anything he struggles with where he needs help?
  • Does he work on cars or small engines and always has greasy hands?

Use the above answers to help in choosing the best DIY Father’s Day Present from our list below.

7 DIY Father's Day Presents that your dad will love! With little to no money to make these gift ideas.

What Can I Do for Father’s Day With No Money?

Not sure why we’re programmed to associate the expense of a gift with the meaning, but we do. As we grow older, we realize the most precocious gifts are the gifts of time. Either the time it takes to make something, or the time people spend with us.

Sometimes we just want to spend the day with our kids without any other plans, just enjoying each other’s company. We’ve asked several of our friends what they would love to do for Father’s Day Weekend and you can see their answers in 10 Amazing Father’s Day Weekend Plans.

Thankfully, making your own DIY Father’s Day Presents doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, you can make most of our suggestions with absolutely no money at all. Take a look below and see which present you think your dad will love this Father’s Day.

How Do I Make My Dad a Gift?

Making a gift doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of skill. All of our projects have step-by-step, easy to follow instructions. If you do run across any problems or have questions, I’m always happy to help. You can message me directly, on social media, or email us through this website.

1- DIY Fire Pit

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy sitting by a nice fire at the end of a long day. Fire pits are something everyone can enjoy all year long. From summer cookouts to smores in the fall. A fire pit is the perfect DIY Father’s Day present that everyone in the family can enjoy.

We made ours for free using the tips in DIY Fire Pit- Quick, Easy & Affordable

7 DIY Father's Day Presents

2- DIY Father’s Day Present: Old Fashioned Lard Soap

When you work with your hands, you need a soap that works just as hard. Nothing works as good as old fashioned lard soap- nothing. You can add ground pumice stone and or activated charcoal (2 tablespoons) in this recipe for a good mechanic soap.

If you don’t have ground pumice or activated charcoal, add 1/2 cups of ground oatmeal. It will help remove grease and dirt from hard working hands.

This recipe is from our friend Sam, who is a farmer (among other things) and uses this soap explicitly.

Lard Soap Ingredients

  • 1,200g strained lard
  • 456g distilled water
  • 160g lye.

See our recipe for Old Fashioned Lard Soap for complete instructions.

old fashioned lard soap for a DIY Father's Day Present.

3- Grill Seasoning Kit

This DIY Father’s Day present idea is one that anyone can make with supplies you already have on hand. All you need are seasonings, some straws and a tin, or box. In addition to not costing a dime, it also makes a great stocking stuffer for the holidays, party favors, groomsmen presents, the possibilities are endless.

Our DIY Grill Seasoning Kits are perfect for camping, fishing, or traveling.

DIY Father's Day Present, grill seasoning kit.

4- Neck Cooler

Does your father spend any time outside in the heat? If so, he will really appreciate this neck cooler. It helps prevent overheating and keeps him nice and cool. You can make this neck cooler out of an old bandana or any material you have on hand.

We keep two neck coolers ready at all times so we can switch them out throughout the hot work day.

DIY Father's Day Present ideas. This neck cooler is one of 7 great ideas to make your dad for Father's Day

5- Mosquito Repelling Necklace DIY Father’s Day Present

Does your father attract every biting insect in the great outdoors? Our DIY Mosquito Repellent Necklace combines style with functionality. This project is so easy you can get the kids to help you.

You can use our instructions and adjust this necklace to make a bracelet as well. Instead of pressing herbs into the clay, you can use a shark’s tooth, branch, or even an arrowhead for a unique DIY Father’s Day Present.

Mosquito repelling necklace for a perfect DIY Father's Day Present.

6- Critter Ridder Recipe

When you see your dad outside, does he look like Bill Murry in Caddyshack? Does he have a critter nemesis that plagues him? If the answer is yes, he’ll LOVE, and really appreciate, our DIY Critter Ridder Recipe.

This recipe will repel: woodchucks (groundhogs), skunks, squirrels, raccoons, deer, rabbits, dogs, and cats.

DIY Father's Day Presents you can make. This recipe is for our critter ridder to help dad protect his house and garden from critters.

7-Smoked Sea Salt

Smoked sea salt is a DIY present that not only is unique but also gourmet. My kids call it boujee, lol. We smoke our own sea salts and sell them at local stores and farmers’ markets. People love them but especially the men!

Smoked sea salts can be used as a rub like in our grilled BBQ ribs or steak (see our 10 Amazing Father’s Day Dinner Ideas), on the outside of baked potatoes, on corn on the cob, or as a finishing salt. My husband won’t eat a burger without his smoked sea salt, it’s that good.

Make smoked sea salt for Father's Day. It's one of our 7 DIY Presents.

To make this smoked salt recipe, you need:

  • Flakey sea salt (or coarse salt)
  • Your favorite wood for smoking
  • A BBQ Grill or smoker
  • Time

For complete instructions visit How To Make Smoked Sea Salt In Your Own Backyard.

Your DIY Father’s Day Presents

Did you make your dad a gift that he absolutely loved? Share your ideas with us!

Seven DIY Father's Day Presents that you can make with little to no money. We guarentee he'll love them!

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